The Promise of Change After Active Addiction

Addiction and substance use disorder (SUD) can completely take over someone’s life. Even to the point where things seem hopeless, and the promise of change feels worlds away. The deterioration may occur slowly, but addiction is an absolute beast, especially when combined with any other coexisting mental health issues. 

Deep in the throes of active addiction, it is not uncommon to have lost your job, your home, your children and any previously healthy relationships—even your health and your very life may be on the line at this point. But this can also become the place from which you can rebuild your life.

During the downward spiral where addiction takes root, each minor loss matters less and less as emotions are drowned in substances and attempts at self-medication. Just like stumbling down a rocky hillside, the damage done by addiction is hard to assess while you’re falling. During active addiction and even in early recovery, recognizing what you have lost is obscured by your clouded vision. It is often not until after detox and consistent sobriety that you can really start to see the trail of destruction left by the addiction.

A New Hope

Once you make the decision to stop the cycle and get help, the journey of recovery begins. We’re thrilled for you and the choice to move in a healthier direction. Recovery brings the opportunity to repair, rebuild and renew the damage that addiction can cause. 

The choice to pursue sobriety and take accountability will ensure that your life will never be like it was. It is a major life-changing event, after all. 

A New You

Once you find sobriety, you won’t become the person you were before addiction, for better or worse. You can’t go back to that person or that situation. And the truth is, once you find yourself on the path to recovery, you won’t want to. You will be a new you. Learning from all the experiences you survived during addiction will change you

A New Perspective

Sober life will alter your outlook on how to face life. Recovery will bring about healing and awareness, making you more of a whole person than you were before. Sobriety will make you a better parent, a better friend, a better son, a better partner. 

Your quality of life will improve drastically. You can shift from hating yourself to being thankful you woke up this morning.

The Promise of Change At Promises Behavioral Health

The promise of change that recovery offers is a promise to face life’s issues and your triggers in healthy ways. Not resorting to routes of “checking out” through substance use. Once you start taking steps in that direction and begin focusing on a better life for yourself, those small changes add up quickly. 

Finding sobriety and seeking professional treatment often eases some of your relationship strain. It can also help you meet requirements for reuniting with your children, among other positives. In addition, when abstaining from substance use long enough that each moment of the day isn’t spent craving your next high, the mind starts to clear up.

Once you are sober, you become more aware of your surroundings, your situation, your decisions. Your ability to make better choices on a micro level exponentially increases everything toward the positive. These small steps taken daily are the growth needed to overcome addiction and live a life with sustainable long-term sobriety. 

Seeking professional help for an addiction or substance use disorder is the start of a new life. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, contact Promises Behavioral today to speak to a professional.

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