Acupuncture Proving Effective When Combined with Addiction Treatments

There are number of drug treatments available and some claim to be more effective than others. Now, an alternative form of treatment is gaining more attention. Acupuncture detox therapy is receiving a positive response in some areas, highlighting there may be opportunity in this space for increased studies into the effectiveness of this approach. A new report focuses on the Garrett County Health Department’s acupuncture detox therapy and the fact that this approach has received very positive response. Bob Stephens, director of behavioral and family health, noted that clients are coming back every week as it helps to provide some stress reduction to those individuals who are addicted. Labeled acudetox, Stephens added the program as a way to enhance the services the Department offered to the community. The program compliments other addiction treatment options for smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. It is suggested that acudetox will reduce or eliminate cravings while revitalizing the body’s major organs. The process was first developed in 1974 at New York City’s Lincoln Hospital and is now used in 1,200 addiction treatment programs throughout the country. The five-needle acudetox treatment is provided under the supervision of a licensed acupuncturist in a small group setting. Single-use, sterile needs are all placed in the ear and are reported to have shown signs of reducing symptoms of addiction, reducing cravings and withdrawals including headaches, body aches, sweats and anxiety. Stephens is quick to point out that acudetox is never used as an isolated treatment, but instead as an integrated part of more comprehensive addiction treatment programs. Source:  //

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