Arizona Recovery Addiction Center Sees Accountability As Vital Part of Recovery

SundanceFrontAt The Sundance Center, private drug and alcohol treatment facility in Arizona guests are faced with doing chores that are designed to help them prepare for re-assimilation into the real world. Chores like washing dishes, cleaning their rooms, and making their beds are simple but vital parts of the recovery process at the Sundance addiction recovery center. It’s a way for guests to get out of their heads and become productive members of the house and community. For example, when addicts are in active addiction… making their bed is the farthest thing from their mind. Undermining the various levels of responsible living becomes the norm and ultimately fosters an unmanageable lifestyle for the addict. At Sundance we teach our guests about living responsibly and holding themselves accountable for practicing accomplishing the simple things in life like the aforementioned chores. Each day on the Sundance addiction recovery landscape our guests get to practice these simple skills needed in a productive lifestyle. Our treatment center is an ideal training ground for our guests to prepare for re-entering mainstream society. If you or a loved one is looking for a holistic treatment center in Arizona with years of success, call us today at 844-877-2806.

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