The Benefits of Residential Drug Rehab

Surveys conducted by our nation’s government report that over 2 million Americans stand in need of drug recovery treatment. Sadly, those same reports tell us that less than three percent of those who need it will actually ever set foot inside of a rehab facility. One might have sympathized with a person who faced hospitalization for drug rehab treatment in the past. Hospitals can feel intimidating and perhaps a bit cold or sterile. By contrast, today’s inpatient drug rehab facilities go out of their way to create an inviting environment where patients can realize their best potential for long-term recovery. While a person seeking recovery from addiction can receive quality care through outpatient treatment, there are several key advantages to choosing residential drug treatment which deserve mention.

The Advantage of Focus

Residential drug rehab provides patients the opportunity to leave behind potentially detrimental environments as they seek to break the cycle of addiction. Whether in the form of stresses which have triggered drug abuse, social connections which pressure drug use, or any other environmental factor, residential treatment provides a safe haven from negative outside influences. Inpatient treatment offers a place where the one and only concern is recovery.

The Advantage of 24 Hour Care

Whether the patient needs to undergo detox or enters treatment following the detox process, the beginning stages of addiction recovery can be difficult. Many patients experience trouble sleeping, undergo withdrawal symptoms, and struggle with fears about the future. Residential drug treatment centers understand these difficulties and are there around the clock to provide counseling, medical attention, and a supportive climate that will help make this transition as easy and positive as possible.

The Advantage of Structure

When the body is in the chaos of withdrawal, the mind can find safety in an outward structure. Residential treatment programs often provide well-planned daily activities to help patients receive the maximum benefit from the program as well as help them cope with the inner turmoil they may be experiencing. Structuring the days with healthful and positive activities also begins to set the stage for choices that can be made post-recovery.

The Advantage of Support

Believe it or not, just being surrounded by other people who are likewise committing themselves to recovery has proven to be strengthening for patients. Knowing that you are not alone provides key emotional support during rehab just as support groups can do post-rehab.

The Advantage of Whole-Person Treatment

Because residential drug rehab has the advantage of time with the patient, the whole person can receive care and healing. Individual and group counseling sessions are augmented with medical care, attention to nutrition, exercise, and spiritual pursuits. The whole body and mind have been impacted by addiction and the whole person benefits from positive re-direction.

The Advantage of Comfort

As mentioned at the outset, the idea of a hospital or institutional atmosphere or even maintaining a normal high-pressure life can be off-putting when approaching rehab. Residential facilities offer comfortable surroundings which create a relaxed atmosphere specifically designed to counter the stressful period of addiction recovery. While the number one decision to be made is to seek out rehab treatment, careful consideration should be given to quality residential care. This is one of the most pivotal points in the life of a person who is ready to overcome his/her addiction. Residential drug rehab treatment centers can provide several advantages which may contribute to the overall potential for long-term recovery. When it comes to turning a life around, why not grab hold of every advantage there is? Contact us today at 844.875.5609.

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