What Makes Rehab Successful?

Drug rehab success rates statistics are hard to find because success is difficult to measure. When someone relapses after treatment, it doesn’t necessarily mean the treatment wasn’t successful. There are many other factors involved. Although it is challenging to measure treatment success, we can say what elements of a treatment program make it more successful than others.

Personalized and Continually Updated Treatment Plans

The best rehab programs are those that treat each patient as an individual with unique needs. Addiction is a complicated disease and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment or cure. The most successful treatment facilities will be those that come up with individualized plans for each patient. Those plans should also be updated as things change. They should never be static, but always changing to meet the needs of the addict in treatment.

A Variety of Therapy

Therapy is what happens at rehab most of the time. It is the heart of treatment for addiction because it is not just a physical illness. Addiction involves the mind and behaviors, as well as neurological and physical symptoms. The best treatment facilities will give you a variety of therapy options from group sessions to individual sessions to alternatives like art therapy or animal therapy. You can benefit from different types of therapy, and the best facilities will give you all of those options to try.

Mental Health Care

Addiction and mental illness co-occur often. It is not unusual for someone in rehab to also be struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma and other psychological issues. Drug and alcohol treatment success depends on getting care for all mental health conditions as well as the addiction. The best facilities screen all incoming patients for mental health issues and treat everything at once.

Treatment Is Long Term

The most effective and successful treatment programs are those that run for an adequate period of time. A couple of weeks in rehab is not enough for anyone to get better. Research has found that a minimum of three months is most effective for addiction treatment. If a facility tries to tell you that they can treat you in a month or less, you are being lied to. Treatment should also continue after rehab, which means the most successful facilities will guide you through your aftercare options. They will provide patients with choices and referrals for continuing work with therapists, support groups and other strategies. Luxury drug rehab centers are not necessarily the most successful. No matter how much you pay for treatment, your own commitment, plus the staff’s commitment to the highest treatment standards, are of the greatest importance to your success. If you can find a facility that adheres to these principles, you have a better shot at getting well and getting sober.

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