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What Are Bath Salts?

For many adults, the term bath salts describes something you add to your bath water to soften your skin. Now, however, the term is taking on an entirely new meaning. Bath salts is the name given to a relatively new and dangerous type of synthetic drug that’s not anywhere near as innocent as its namesake.  …

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‘Bath Salts’ More Addictive Than Meth, Study Finds

“Bath salts” is the common, collective nickname for a group of artificial, mind-altering drugs sold illegally or illicitly throughout various parts of the United States. All of these drugs contain at least one form of a group of amphetamine-related substances called synthetic cathinones. Doctors and mental health researchers are well aware of the severe health …

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Sizzurp and Seizures

Sizzurp, also commonly known as purple drank, is an addictive recreational drug concoction typically made with a prescription-strength cough syrup that contains the antihistamine promethazine and the opioid narcotic codeine. The concoction initially saw limited use in the hip-hop music community, and has since gained significant popularity among some fans of this music and in …

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Amphetamine’s Role in Serotonin Syndrome

Serotonin syndrome is the medical term for a damaging, potentially fatal condition that occurs when the brain contains too much of a chemical called serotonin. The brain relies on serotonin for mood stabilization; the body requires serotonin for maintenance of intestinal health and other essential tasks. People who use or abuse amphetamine or amphetamine-based medications …

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“Huffing” Isn’t Just Kid’s Stuff: More Adults Are Now Abusing Inhalants

Illicit drugs offer a high to adults and youth that comes with a dangerous price. Drugs like marijuana and cocaine cost people physically, mentally, and monetarily. When teens can’t monetarily afford drugs to give them a high, or are worried about using illicit drugs, sometimes they turn to getting their high from inhalants. These kids …

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Facts about PCP

Inexpensive and easy to produce, PCP is a potent threat on the street as users (mostly adolescents and young adults) continue to use the drug despite negative effects ranging from moderate to severe and even potentially lethal. According to the 2007 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 6.1 million, or 2.5 percent, of …

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