Woman on couch with headache contemplating the question how long does alcohol poisoning last

How Long Does Alcohol Poisoning Last?

Drinking in moderation is generally safe, but heavy drinking may increase the risk of alcohol poisoning. Those who consume excessive amounts of beer, wine, or liquor may have a higher risk of experiencing this unhealthy and unsafe condition. How long does alcohol poisoning last? What causes it to happen? The answers to these questions may …

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Group of people toasting drinks unaware of how alcohol ages you

How Drinking Ages You

There are plenty of reasons to cut down on your drinking or give up alcohol — too many hangovers, a potential DUI and the risk of developing an alcohol use disorder loom large. Here is another one. Did you know that drinking alcohol can add years to your face and body? A new research study indicates that alcohol even ages you biologically at the cellular level

Group of people eating foods that stop alcohol cravings at a restaurant

Foods That Reduce Alcohol Cravings

For those recovering from an alcohol use disorder, the urge to consume beer, wine, or liquor can be a daily struggle. Fortunately, foods that stop alcohol cravings, or at least minimize them, may help individuals maintain sobriety. Knowing more about foods that reduce alcohol cravings can lower the risk of drinking and make relapse less …

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a person in bed looks tired after struggling with alcohol withdrawal and night sweats

Night Sweats and Alcohol Withdrawal

Sweating excessively, especially at night, is common among individuals with an alcohol use disorder. After excessive beer, wine, or liquor consumption, a person may sweat as their body processes alcohol. They might also experience excessive perspiration caused by alcohol withdrawal overnight.  If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol withdrawal and night sweats, contact …

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man looking at sunset considers the alcohol detox timeline

What Is the Timeline for Alcohol Detox?

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, you may be wondering how long alcohol detox takes and what the alcohol detox timeline looks like. In general, alcohol detox can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on factors such as the severity of your addiction and any medical issues that may arise during …

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man with head on hands considers the signs of a drinking problem

What Are the Signs of a Drinking Problem

There are many stereotypes and assumptions about what alcohol addiction looks like. Media and pop culture often focus on the most severe signs of a drinking problem, such as homelessness and intoxication. And while those signs may indicate a drinking problem, the signs of an alcohol addiction can also be much more subtle. It is …

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girl with head in hands considers the effects of alcohol on teenagers

What Are the Main Alcohol Effects on Teenagers?

Drinking alcohol is a ubiquitous thing to do. When it’s done in moderation by people over 21, it doesn’t always cause problems. However, it’s essential to understand alcohol’s effects on teenagers because they aren’t necessarily the same for adults. The effects of alcohol on teens can be much more dangerous than most people realize. Moreover, …

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billing statement representing how much does rehab cost

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

How much does rehab cost? The cost of rehab is variable, depending on both the type of program that you’re going to as well as your insurance plan. An inpatient rehab center will naturally be more expensive than an outpatient rehab center, and most additional services provided during an inpatient stay can incur more expense. …

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woman talking with friend over wine wonders is alcoholism hereditary

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

People often say that alcoholism doesn’t discriminate—regardless of age, race, or gender, anyone can form a dependency on alcohol. Despite that, however, it’s just as commonly said that alcoholism “runs in the family,” but how, or where, does it actually run? While certain biological and environmental factors can increase your chances of developing an alcohol …

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a man takes a dose of his anti-alcohol medication

Do Anti-Alcohol Drugs Work?

In the fight against alcoholism, anti-alcohol drugs can be a powerful tool. Like Prozac was to depression 30 years ago, anti-alcohol drugs are changing the way mental health and medical professionals are treating alcohol addiction. As researchers dive deeper into understanding how these drugs work, evidence shows that each drug is best suited for specific …

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