Woman in recovery from addiction admiring how change is about the little things

Change Is About the Little Things

Some important truths, such as knowing that change is about the little things rather than monumental gestures, can be learned. Even in the midst of a challenging and arduous process like committing yourself to recovery from addiction.

At first, when we set these goals for ourselves, we feel ready to take on every obstacle to get us there. Often in those first few days into a newly christened goal, we feel unstoppable. We often take those first steps with our heads held high, eyes focused on the future. What happens next is a familiar narrative. 

But life happens. And we experience a setback or the path forward isn’t exactly what it seemed and we may feel discouraged and overwhelmed. Without corrective measures, those triggers lead us to question what we are doing and how we will ever reach our goal.

A better, albeit less glamorous approach, is to recognize from the start that true, sustainable change is about the little things. Both as we plan out our route and as we experience the victories of another day spent sober, we need to pay attention to these small, accomplishable steps. 

Take the time to recognize and celebrate all the small successes along the way. Life can get us down, and we can lose sight of all the progress made. The distance from where we’ve been and where we are now can easily lose its importance if we’re not consciously reflecting on it. 

Truly, it is the little things, like waking up today and choosing sobriety, choosing to strive for a better life in the way that we care for ourselves and the choices we make in our daily routine that move us along closer to our goal. 

Small things to pay attention to on your recovery from addiction include:

  • Eating healthier
  • Having a more consistent sleep pattern
  • Finding healthier, safer activities that you enjoy
  • Having reliable coping skills to turn to in the face of triggers
  • Developing a regular practice of reflection about your emotional cycle
  • Seeking help and connections within the recovery community

Creating new healthy habits and learning to manage behaviors are all benefits of shifting your perspective from the micro to the macro and appreciate it all. It’s about the relationships made along the way. The self-reflection and growth through the journey. Saying goodbye to relationships and situations that no longer serve your wellbeing. 

Choosing gratitude and knowing that change is about the little things will improve not only your quality of life but also your perspective. Using it in combination with a consistent mindfulness practice will bring more balance to your healing and progress in recovery. 

So much of recovery is won in the trenches of one day at a time. It involves learning to be in the moment and less in the regret of the past. Or the anxiety of an unknown future. You hear a lot about mindfulness during recovery. This is because developing this kind of global and balanced mindset eases the pressure of the enormity of changes required in the journey of recovery. 

From deciding to seek help, remaining sober, and being intentional about your daily routine—change is about the little things. If you or someone you know is struggling with recovery from addiction, Promises Behavioral Health can help. We have a team dedicated to helping you see the small things and move toward a better life. Call us at 888-387-0364.

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