Recognizing Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

You might experience drug withdrawal symptoms even if you’re not trying to get clean. In fact, it’s the discomfort of these symptoms that contribute to the cycle of addiction. A men’s or women’s detox center can help you overcome addiction by easing you through the withdrawal process. People often relapse when they try to detox on their own. However, as uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms kick in, users want to stop the pain. So they keep using. It becomes a vicious cycle and is part of the reason so many people continue to abuse drugs and alcohol, although they desperately want to quit. When it comes to recovery, the first step is to head to a drug and alcohol detox center you can trust.

The Importance of Detox

Before you can have a successful rehab experience, you must first get clean. That’s what detox does–rid your body of addictive substances. You simply can’t get to the underlying causes of drug and alcohol addiction if you’re still using. Although drug withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, they’re usually short-lived. Within a week or two, you’ll feel much better physically than you have in a while. But does detox always have to be a scary experience? Not at all. Addiction treatment center programs that include detox can provide a more comfortable experience if you’re ready to get clean.

What Are Common Drug Withdrawal Symptoms?

During detox, your body will experience various withdrawal symptoms. The severity of the symptoms depends on several factors. They include how long you’ve used, what types of substances you used, and your general health. Symptoms can be physical as well as psychological. Common drug withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Irritability
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Muscle pain and headaches
  • Tremors
  • Chills or sweats

Despite their unpleasantness, these symptoms don’t last long, although it may feel like it while you’re detoxing. The second to third days of detox are usually the worst. By the end of a week or two, however, you’ll feel much better. Some detox facilities provide medical interventions to ease the worst of the symptoms, but not every place does this. Although detox isn’t usually life-threatening, some addictions pose greater risks than others. People with severe alcohol or opioid addiction histories should never attempt to detox on their own; it’s simply too dangerous.

Taking a Step Toward Sobriety

Once you know what to expect from detox, including the symptoms you may experience, getting clean might not seem like such a scary prospect. No matter how uncomfortable it is, remember that it’s a temporary phase you must go through in order to have a healthier life. Men’s and women’s detox programs are designed to be safe and supportive. With help from medical staff, your detox process may be relatively pain-free. Instead of wondering if you’ll ever have a future to look forward to, take a step toward change today. Contact Promises Treatment Centers today at 844.875.5609 to begin with our treatment programs.

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