Enjoying Life Without Drinking

Getting sober doesn’t mean living a life that is always dreary and somber. Some of the best days of your life are still ahead, but it may not seem like a lot of fun at first. You may feel nostalgic when you think of some of the parties you’ve attended and the wild excitement of letting loose while under the influence of alcohol. Recovery is a learning process, and you may have to learn how to have fun without alcohol. Drinking is socially acceptable in our society, and it may seem like everywhere you go, people are enjoying adult beverages. You may find yourself in situations where people typically drink and you may wonder if there is any way for you to have fun if you aren’t drinking, too. It seems like so much of recreation and relaxation is connected to alcohol, which can be addictive. Can you enjoy your life and participate in social events without drinking.

Music and Concerts

Concerts are very memorable events, and in sobriety you may find that as much as you want to go to a concert, part of you feels leery of being in the environment. You know other people will be drinking heavily. You will see and smell alcohol all around you. You will remember how you used to behave at concerts. The fact that you will be surrounded by alcohol doesn’t have to push you into staying home and never going to a concert again. It only means that if you decide to go, you have to be prepared for triggers and know what you have to do to handle them. If you’re going to a concert or other performance where people may be drinking, bring a sober friend or make sure your sponsor is only a phone call or text away. One thing you can look forward to is that you can thoroughly enjoy being alert during the concert. You don’t have to pass out from drinking too much, and you will be able to remember the whole evening clearly in the morning.

Social Gatherings

There are many types of social gatherings where other people may be drinking. Your employer may have company events that you are expected to attend. At these events you will be surrounded by people who are drinking, and it may not feel like a lot of fun. Social gatherings may also include family get-togethers such as weddings, reunions or holiday parties. Family may be even less understanding than coworkers about your decision to stay away from a drink.  At first you may feel really uptight and uncomfortable. You may have relied on alcohol or other substances to relax in social settings, and you might wonder if all the fun and exciting times of your life are behind you. It’s possible to learn to enjoy yourself without alcohol, but it may take time and practice. When you are attending events where others are openly drinking, stay close to people who are sober and remind yourself why you are choosing not to drink. Eventually you may find that you really enjoy dancing and mingling with people without the foggy feeling that alcohol brings.

Romantic Evenings and Other Settings

Can you enjoy a romantic evening without drinking? In the past, you may have liked to have a bottle of wine or champagne with a candlelit dinner. You may have enjoyed ending a romantic evening with a cocktail or a cozy slow dance enhanced by the warm glow of alcohol. Romance doesn’t have to include drinking. When you’re with that special someone, you can enjoy each other’s company without distorting reality with mind-altering substances. How about trying herbal tea or sparkling water instead of a mixed drink or wine? There are a lot of positive reasons to keep alcohol and romance separate. The money you are no longer spending on alcohol can be spent on visiting new locations and having new experiences. Almost any of life’s experiences can include alcohol, but you can have plenty of fun without it. What a joy it is to be totally aware of campfires, beaches and amusement park rides. How great it is to be free of regrets for drunken behavior. Life can be very enjoyable when you don’t drink.

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