I felt completely cared for

The best part of my experience here is the encouragement for self-love by the wonderful staff here at Malibu Vista. I have learned so much about myself and tools to address the issues/behaviors I struggle with. The nutritionists and chefs have provided beyond excellent meals that they are willing to teach us about. Every meal has been absolutely delicious. The techs are always willing to listen to me and checking in all the time. The therapists are really in tune to what I have been going through and remember details from prior discussions that make me feel like my issues are being taken cared of seriously with care. The community here has a wide range of personalities that I have learned something from each person here. This is the first time in my life where I felt completely cared for and understood in a safe environment. I can truly see that people really care about one another and the team work here is amazing. I will cherish the memories gained during my time here and plan to incorporate what I learned into my life once I leave. Thank you. – Promises Malibu Vista Alumni

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