The Importance of a Promise

A promise can go a long way in personal relationships. It is a commitment to follow through on your word. But what does it mean when you say the phrase, “I promise…” and how does this affect your relationships?


“I promise…”


We have all heard this phrase time and time again. Regardless if it’s a promise for something small like to wash the dishes or something big like to stop smoking, promises reinforce the integrity in relationships and help you get closer to those you love. Studies suggest that keeping promises holds a lot of emotional value and when we break them, there is a decline of trust. But why is it so important to keep a promise and how do we stay committed to our follow through?

Here are some important reminders about promises:


Promises are hard work

If following through on a promise was easy, then broken promises wouldn’t hurt so much. Promises are usually hard because they require us to step outside of our wants and fulfill something for someone else or challenge ourselves to break old harmful habits.

Promises are meant to be taken seriously

Do you remember the first time someone broke a promise to you? When a promise is broken, your reputations, relationships and personal integrity suffer. Take each promise you make seriously to ensure that you are not the one causing unnecessary distrust.

Promises are commitments

People with strong relationships rank higher in emotional intelligence and are more likely to stay loyal to their commitments. Whether the commitment is to yourself or to someone else, making a promise is a commitment that you will keep your word. It is a commitment that reinforces trust.

Promises are an affirmation of love, friendship, family and human connection

Actions speak louder than words. Promises are actions that affirm our love and connection with others. Whether that connection is through friendships, family or strangers, promises affirm that we want to pass on our compassion to others.

Promises aren’t just what you do for others

Fulfilling promises to yourself to do better or be better is just as important as following through on your promises to others. When you make a promise to yourself, you are taking the time to work towards improving your life. When we work on ourselves, it gives us the ability to better take care of others. 

Promises should never go beyond your own boundaries

Ever heard the expression “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”? While promises are very important to our relationships, it’s also important not to make promises that are outside of your personal boundaries. If someone asks you to make a promise that makes you feel uncomfortable, stay true to yourself and tell them that they are asking too much of you.


Promises are a vital part of building our relationships. When we follow through on our commitments with thoughtful actions, it only serves to strengthen our personal connections. Whether those connections be with friends, family, acquaintances, strangers or even yourself, making and fulfilling promises plays an important role in each of our lives. Stay devoted to your promises and watch your life flourish!

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