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Myths About Drugs

It’s likely that not everything you’ve heard about addiction is true. In fact, many of these myths only serve to perpetuate stigma and prevent people from getting help and care when they need it. Understanding the realities of addiction will help us build empathy and compassion for those who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction. 

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Myths About Drugs

Drug addiction treatment centers are asked many questions by people who are considering seeking treatment for themselves or a loved one. Many of these questions come from some myths about drugs and addiction. Often these drug myths stop a person from seeking help when they need it. Let’s take some time to explore the most common myths about drugs and what the reality is instead.

Addicts Can Stop Any Time

This myth is one of the biggest. Many addicts reach a point where they want to stop. However, they keep getting drawn back into the drug scene. Drugs and alcohol physically change your brain. Unless you rewire your brain again, walking away may not be possible. You reach a point where your brain and body need the drug for you to feel anywhere close to “normal.” Unless you find ways to treat the underlying cause of why you turned to drugs, you risk not being able to walk away. An addict needs to have tools that will help change the way they perceive themselves and the world. Yes, some people quit cold turkey and never look back, but those individuals are the exception, and they are few and far between.

Only Those Who Want Treatment Will Succeed

This myth has been one of the long-standing rumors. Many people are ordered to undergo drug rehab by the courts, and others agree to treatment to appease friends and family. While they may initially be reluctant, most come to understand that there was a problem. The only requirement you need to begin with is to take that first step and accept treatment. As the mind becomes clearer and the body returns to a healthier state, most individuals find they like the new sensations and will work diligently to stay drug-free. Somewhere in the depths of the person’s mind was the understanding that they did need help, but they resisted asking. In the case of those who enter rehab at the request of friends or family members, they have the advantage of a reliable support system. This puts them one step ahead of many who seek help.

Only Hard or Illegal Drugs are Addictive

Among the many myths about drugs, this can be one of the most harmful. Some people believe that only drugs like heroin or cocaine can be addictive. The truth is that alcohol and marijuana can be just as addictive and sometimes even more challenging to treat. Others trust a doctor and take narcotic pain medication. They think that because a medical doctor prescribed it, it is safe, and they won’t become addicted. This isn’t accurate. Alcohol is legal, and that makes it easier to obtain. More people use it than those who use illegal drugs. This acceptable use and ease of getting puts it in the position of creating more individuals who are addicted to it. This is the same principle behind the addictiveness of prescription medication.

The Reality 

Substance abuse addiction centers are the safest and most effective method of successfully treating and overcoming addiction. They provide a safe space to be vulnerable, medically-assisted detox to get you through any withdrawal as safely as possible, and treatment options that fit your individual needs. They also provide you with resources and tools for maintaining your sobriety long-term, such as aftercare programs and peer support groups. Don’t wait to take the first step, and don’t try to do it alone. There is help for you, and you are deserving of it. 

Break Free From Addiction at Promises Behavioral Health

At Promises Behavioral Health, we will patiently help you work through the myths about drugs you have heard and help you see the reality of the situation. Our knowledgeable staff understands that you are trying to regain your life from the addiction that has taken it over. We offer a variety of treatments, including:

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