talking about what is avoidant restrictive food intake

What Is Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake?

More than 28 million men and women in the US struggle with eating disorders that negatively affect their physical and mental health. What is avoidant restrictive food intake? It’s a new type of eating disorder that doesn’t have the same body image issues as anorexia and bulimia. Avoidant restrictive food intake disorder treatment can help …

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Woman hugging elderly family after mentally preparing to see family again

Mentally Preparing to See Family Again

Since the onset of COVID-19, the world has changed—we’re far from the old “normal”—and after these years apart, mentally preparing to see family again will also look different. It is important to acknowledge this and recognize that people, perspectives and everyday life will not look the same.  As lockdowns have eased and everyday life has …

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COVID-19 and the Link Between Mind and Body Wellness

COVID-19 and the Link Between Mind and Body Wellness

As the global pandemic has raged on for several months, we’ve now had enough time to begin not just to wonder, but to reflect on its impacts. Many people have experienced an increase of stress and anxiety during this time, and certainly we have all had to make adjustments in one way or another. One big …

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a man stares out into the ocean and thinks about benefits of addiction intervention

The Benefits of Addiction Intervention

If you have a loved one who has been spiraling out of control with their addiction you have probably tried many times to get them to stop. Often this means a continuous cycle of threats, promises, reprieves, relapses, then new threats and promises. The benefits of addiction intervention can put a stop to this terrible …

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a dish prepared during virtual cooking with laura lea bryant

Virtual Cooking with Laura Lea

Promises Behavioral Health partnered with Nashville Holistic Chef, Laura Lea Bryant, to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month with a live virtual cooking class! Both Promises Behavioral Health and Laura Lea share an incredible passion for bringing awareness to mental health wellness and understand the importance of self-love and care. The virtual cooking class was free …

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a doctor discusses mental health and physical health with a patient

Mental Health is Important for Overall Physical Health

There has always been a connection between mental health and physical health. However, recently, experts have taken the time to research this connection. Accordingly, they have discovered that taking care of your mental health is equally as important as taking care of your physical health. If you need assistance to ensure that both can thrive, …

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a doctor tells a patient about addiction and immunity

Addiction and Immunity

The threat of COVID-19 is presenting all of us with unique circumstances. The uncertainty and anxiety are sure to wear down our mental and physical health. Unfortunately, folks suffering from addiction are at an even higher risk. Addiction and immunity are directly linked. In other words, your physical health already weak from alcohol and drug …

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a man with a mask wonders about an epidemic vs a pandemic

Epidemic vs. Pandemic

People following the ever-unfolding COVID-19 crisis are hearing a lot of different terms thrown around, which may be hard to distinguish from each other. For example, what difference does it make if the coronavirus is considered an epidemic vs. pandemic? There are specific criteria a disease must meet before being declared one or the other. …

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a woman holds her throat as she thinks about her compromised immune system

Compromised Immune System

There are common illnesses that often result in a compromised immune system, such as the flu. While some people get a mild case of the flu, others experience serious, even deadly consequences. This is magnified many times when thinking of the coronavirus.   There are some risks that likely increase your risk of getting coronavirus, or …

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a man lies on the couch near a table full of drugs and considers addiction and your physical health

Addiction and Physical Health

COVID-19, the virus that quickly spread across the globe and reached pandemic status, is especially hard on those who have underlying health issues. As someone who is in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, what does that mean for you? Addiction and your physical health are the two most important areas of your life right …

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