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How to Recognize a Functioning Alcoholic At Work

Boozing and schmoozing on the job was once a staple of white-collar America, and offering a drink to visiting clients was a part of doing business. While the days of having a bar in the office or a bottle in the file drawer may no longer be acceptable in the modern office, drinking with work colleagues and clients continues as a primary form of socializing. However, working with people struggling with addiction cannot go unnoticed for too long. If you think someone at your workplace struggles with alcohol addiction, call 844.875.5609 to speak with someone from Promises Behavioral Health about our alcohol rehab centers and drug rehabs for professionals.

Recognizing a Functioning Alcoholic at Work

How do you go about recognizing a functioning alcoholic at work? A functional alcoholic can still operate in the work world and may hide their drinking problem or live in denial of their disease. However, there are sure signs of an alcoholic at work that you may notice.

Being Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

A functioning alcoholic may be the kindest co-worker or boss, but after a few drinks, there is a noticeable behavior changer. Perhaps they become flirtatious or mean-spirited. Maybe they seem withdrawn and non-communicable. They may even give you a dirty look for no reason. The behavior can be off-putting and confusing.

Not Remembering Words and Actions

Alcohol is known to cloud memories and can also cause blackouts. Because of the inability to stop drinking, certain business agreements or conversations may be lost in the clouded memories of any event that includes alcohol. If someone you work with falls, rants about work, or even promises you a promotion or raise, they may not recollect a thing.

Messing Up Responsibilities

While they do as much as possible to make it seem they are doing their job well, functioning alcoholics are bound to fall short in certain areas. Eventually, minor lapses and mistakes become part of the norm. Co-workers may notice forgetfulness on essential issues, sloppy work or missed deadlines, and faulty or incomplete analysis.

Unexplained Absences and Daytime Disappearances

It’s not unusual for alcoholics to miss work, be late for meetings, or have a lot of sick days. But since functional alcoholics attempt to hold their work lives together, they may disappear unexpectedly after important meetings or leave early to go to a bar to drink before anyone else gets there. It makes co-workers speculate about where their colleague is and angry that they cannot depend on that person.

Personal Instability

Some functional alcoholics keep alcohol out of the workplace altogether and drink at night and on weekends. They may get their job done and do it well, but the drinking catches up at some point. Their personal lives are often the first to fall apart, as they begin coming home late from work after drinks or missing family functions and responsibilities. Eventually, this spills into their work life. Hangovers may make the mornings difficult, and the overall effect of alcohol use will impair cognitive function.

Grumpy with a Negative Attitude

A functioning alcoholic may develop a nasty attitude during work. This can cause co-workers to walk on eggshells around the person. They may also avoid them entirely for fear of having their heads bit off.

What to Expect from Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If someone exhibits several signs, it may be time to contact your HR department for help. Or, if you’re close enough, you can gather their loved ones and attempt an intervention. This can lead to them enrolling in a rehab center. At Promises Behavioral Health, we offer a variety of treatment programs, such as:

The goal is to create the best treatment plan for each individual’s needs and ensure they have the resources, support, and guidance necessary to succeed in recovery.

Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment with Promises Behavioral Health

Contact Promises today at 844.875.5609 to learn more about our alcohol rehab centers and drug rehabs for professionals. Our team can answer any questions and help you find the proper treatment for the individual struggling with alcoholism.

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