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Should You Start Addiction Treatment in December?

Thinking About Getting Help? This Holiday Season May be the Perfect Time to Start Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment isn’t typically the first thought that comes to mind when picturing the holiday season. In fact, many individuals have a difficult time when to start addiction treatment. Instead, many Americans idealize the end of the year as it conjures up imagery of families eating deliciously abundant dinners, sprucing up the house, and spending quality time with one another. 

However, holidays are also known to cause a substantial amount of stress, financial pressure and familial drama. Research further notes that holiday stressors are one of the more significant influences on the over-consumption of drugs and alcohol in American homes when analyzed with other months of the year. Let’s explore when you should start addiction treatment and why December may the best time.

When You Should Start Addiction Treatment: 4 Barriers to Treatment During the Holiday Season

There are many obstacles to to think about when you start addiction treatment throughout the year. But the holiday season takes on a different set of barriers. Specifically, this time of year presents more opportunities to dismiss treatment. However, no matter the season, the best time for treatment will always be now

  1. “It’s the Holiday Season—we should all be together!”

Some can’t admit that they won’t be capable of celebrating the festivities with their families if they elect to go to treatment. Many choose to “wait until after” the holidays instead. It’s important to remember that passing up one holiday season for treatment means getting to celebrate a lifetime more

  1. New Year’s Eve and Day

Many identify the new year as an occasion for transformation and will deter getting treatment until after the new year begins. Somehow New Year’s resolutions always seem to start ambitiously and then slowly peter out with the ensuing months—keep this in mind! You don’t need to wait for the new year to become a “new, sober you.”

  1. Financial Stress 

The holiday season is costly, and many people struggle with the prospect of including the additional cost of treatment. This is understandable, but insurance may offer the coverage you need. Fill out the insurance verification form on our website to see what your insurance will cover! 

  1. Logistics

Many face logistical struggles at their job when it comes to taking time off to receive treatment. However, this is often a natural time to be away from work, as many people tip the balance in favor of family this time of year. 

Don’t Want to be Away from Your Family During the Holidays? The Holidays May Be the Perfect Time to Get into Treatment!

Perhaps you or a loved one are contemplating going into treatment during the holidays. We’ve put together some reasons we consider this the best time to start addiction treatment. We hope this will help you recognize that enrolling now may absolutely be in your best interest! 

Increased stress means there is a higher rate of substance use during the holidays. 

  • Visiting family this time of year may bring up terrible recollections and habits from the past.
  • Many celebrate the holidays with alcohol—it may be tougher to spot a party without alcohol.

You will learn how to appreciate a sober holiday season. 

  • Entering treatment now means you will have even more reason to celebrate next year!

Many individuals decide against treatment during the holiday season.

  • Fewer people entering treatment results in treatment centers having greater availability during this time of year.

There is a good chance you will have unused insurance coverage.

  • You may have a greater chance of having reached your insurance deductible by the end of the year. Or have the money you are required to spend in your FHS or HSA accounts. You may even discover that you have better coverage and less to pay when contrasted to other times of the year.

You may have the benefit of paid time off at work.

  • Employers may provide paid time off during the holidays and might be more willing to accept PTO during this time of year. 

Your sobriety is the best gift you can ever give your family.

Don’t wait to start addiction treatment. At Promises Behavioral Health, we are Recovery Advocates. Part of that means removing many of the barriers of entry into recovery programs so we can ensure your recovery is as accessible and sustainable as possible. If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about our availability during the holidays, contact us on our website or call us at 844 875 5609.

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