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Steps To Take If You’re Quarantined With An Alcoholic Spouse

Today, over 39 states under some sort of stay-at-home order due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Many people are stuck at home with no respite. As we get used to the new normal, many are experiencing a horrific new normal quarantined with an alcoholic spouse. The only promises you can rely on are the promises you make to yourself. Stick to those and call Promises Behavioral Health if you are seeking treatment options for your alcoholic spouse. That is just one critical step you can take if you are quarantined with an alcoholic spouse.

How To Know If Your Spouse Is An Alcoholic

Now that you and your family are home, it is easier to see if your spouse is drinking excessively. When we go to work every day, it is easy for things to remain hidden. Your time may be consumed with taking care of children and other family responsibilities. There are many signs that your partner is drinking alcohol excessively, including:

  • The individual is very defensive when you question him or her about their alcohol intake
  • Your spouse is drinking more than seven drinks per week and more than three drinks in any one day if they are a woman
  • Your spouse is drinking more than four drinks in any one day and more than 14 drinks per week if your spouse is a man
  • They make excuses for their alcohol intake
  • Your spouse is shirking responsibilities at home, work, or school in order to spend more time drinking
  • They have given up hobbies or things that were once important to them in order to drink more

The referenced excessive daily and weekly amounts of drink are from The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Your spouse may have a problem even if they are not reaching these specific numbers. Generally, if alcohol use has become problematic in the family, you should look at its usage closely.

Steps You Can Take If You Are Quarantined With An Alcoholic Spouse

If you are quarantined with an alcoholic spouse, you can take this time to talk with them about their alcohol use if you feel it will be beneficial. Not every alcoholic is opposed to discussing their intake. This reaction depends upon the individual and also depends upon your relationship. It may be as simple as asking your spouse have they considered that they are drinking excessively.

During the coronavirus outbreak, many people are abusing alcohol and drugs, wherein they were only occasional drinkers in the past. The amount of anxiety produced by COVID-19 is a factor. There are many resources for people during this time. Talk with your spouse about seeking help before the problem gets out of hand. However, if you believe you may be in danger when you’re discussing your spouse’s alcohol consumption, don’t. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, domestic violence has increased exponentially. If you do feel like you are in danger, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Promises Behavioral Health Centers Has Helpful Treatment

Several treatment centers across America fall under the Promises Behavioral Health Centers spectrum. We strive to provide great alcohol addiction treatment to all of our patients. As a result, we offer a wide range of both evidence-based and holistic treatment options. We tailor those options to the patient’s unique needs so that they can get the care they deserve. In addition to alcohol addiction treatment, we have the following programming:

Contact Promises Behavioral Health Center’s immediately at 844.875.5609 for more information on getting help while you are quarantined with an alcoholic spouse.

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