Narcissistic Personality Disorder Treatment Program

There’s a nearly endless amount of personality disorders that affect people of all ages. What makes matters worse is that personality disorders often play a big role in the development of substance use disorders. Narcissistic personality disorder is one example. Thankfully, a narcissistic personality disorder treatment program can help people prevent substance use.

Learning About Narcissistic Personality Disorderwoman touches mirror while looking at herself and needing a narcissistic personality disorder treatment program

Before people search for a narcissistic personality disorder treatment program, they have to know more about this disorder in general. Firstly, narcissistic personality disorder is a mental condition. It’s not simply a lifestyle choice or a lack of self-control.

In short, this personality disorder inflates the sense of self that people develop. Typically, those who are narcissistic put their self-worth above everyone else. They usually have an excessive need for admiration and attention. As a result, they have a lack of empathy for others and become self-absorbed.

Consequently, narcissistic people have trouble developing relationships. They might struggle at work or school, and they could have trouble managing their finances. On the surface, they seem very confident. On the inside, though, is a vulnerable ego and fragile self-esteem.

Most of the time, people with personality disorders are vulnerable to even the slightest criticism. In fact, criticism of any kind can make them lash out and hurt those who are closest to them.

Link Between Narcissistic Personalities and Addiction

People who struggle with narcissistic personality disorder already have an addiction to themselves. However, it doesn’t make them abuse substances. Their unfulfilling relationships and general unhappiness lead them to seek relief from drugs. Thankfully, a narcissistic personality disorder treatment program can help them get their lives back on track.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that narcissistic personality disorder is a mental condition. Once the brain develops a mental disorder, it becomes susceptible to others. Since addiction is a disorder as well, it’s easy to see how these disorders can develop together.

Seeking Help From a Narcissistic Personality Disorder Treatment Program

A narcissistic personality disorder treatment program requires the expertise of mental health professionals. Typically, treatment starts with some kind of talk therapy. During the sessions, people learn to:

  • Maintain real relationships and become more accepting
  • Regulate feelings
  • Learn to accept criticism
  • Discover the core issue regarding low self-esteem

Of course, talk therapy isn’t the only treatment that helps people who struggle with this personality disorder. For example, sometimes, doctors write prescriptions to help with other issues that narcissistic personality disorder causes. Specifically, doctors might prescribe medication for anxiety and depression.

Promises Behavioral Health Can Help Those Who Struggle With Co-occurring Disorders

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