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Warning Signs of Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction aren’t always easy to recognize, even for people close to a loved one who’s struggling with it. While some signs of addiction seem obvious, it’s not uncommon for someone to ignore them. However, ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. In many cases, that only makes things worse. Learn what to look out for, in yourself or a loved one. If you suspect drugs and alcohol are ruining a life, inpatient drug treatment programs are necessary.

Would You Recognize These Signs of Addiction?

According to the Mayo Clinic, addiction not only affects someone’s brain and behavior, but it also “leads to an inability to control the use of a legal or illegal drug or medication.” Contrary to what some people believe, not all users intentionally try to get high. While many may begin with recreational use, others get hooked on prescription medication, which contributes to the serious opioid crisis the country is currently facing.

You might have seen some signs of addiction without recognizing them for what they are. But knowing that drugs and alcohol are the culprits behind certain actions and behaviors may prompt you to get help.

Warning signs of addiction include:

  • An increased tolerance to the drug
  • Missing work and personal obligations due to using
  • Worsening relationships with loved ones
  • Continued use despite suffering negative consequences
  • The inability to stop using, despite a desire to do so
  • Engaging in risky behavior while under the influence, such as driving or having unprotected sex

These are just some signs of addiction. Others include worsening mental health issues and an uncontrollable need to get and use drugs and alcohol.

You See Warning Signs of Addiction. Now What?

The Center on Addiction points out that only one in 10 people who need treatment for addiction get it. Unfortunately, many people remain in denial about the problem. Likewise, they don’t know where to get help or they might believe it’s too costly.

There are outpatient and inpatient drug treatment programs that suit a variety of budgets. Some insurance plans cover all or part of the cost of treatment as well.

Once you recognize signs of addiction, it’s vital that you seek help or encourage a loved one to do so.

A Promise of Getting Better — Together

Promises Behavioral Health offers treatment centers throughout the country. Whether it’s an addiction to alcohol, opioids, meth or other substance, we can help you. Our caring team will address the underlying issues that often contribute to substance dependency. Then, we’ll show you how to move forward in your life in healthy, positive ways.

Our programs include:

There is hope for anyone who wants to overcome substance dependency. If you’re noticing the warning signs of addiction in your loved one, it’s time to get them the help they need. Take the first step toward healing by calling us today at 844.875.5609, and get ready for a future free from addiction.            


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