Why We Started Promises P.A.T.H – Luxury Drug Rehab

It Takes a Comprehensive Treatment Approach to Beat Addiction The Promises P.A.T.H alcohol-and drug-treatment facility in the Hill Country just outside of Austin, Texas, is the realized dream of George Joseph, COO of TRS Behavioral Care and recovery community notable. Using the substance abuse struggles of his youth and the education he received as a result of that experience, Joseph tailored Promises P.A.T.H to be a state-of-the-industry, upscale alcohol- and drug-treatment alternative that successfully changes lives. Now, after three decades of a professional career in the chemical dependency field, Joseph is one of the country’s foremost authorities on the subject. Indeed, he is a recipient of the “National Counselor of the Year Award” from the National Association of Addiction Professionals, and he is frequently consulted by other drug treatment professionals hoping to tap his expertise. His realized concept, Promises P.A.T.H, provides all the evidence they need to know that the facility and its founder are revolutionary, constantly evolving, and, most of all, successful in addressing the often agonizing challenges involved with addiction. “Through the years, it has been my dream to create a new concept in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction,” Joseph says. “The Promises P.A.T.H model is a breakthrough in the way treatment is delivered. I have dedicated the past 28 years to treatment and recovery excellence and now have created an effective, innovative program in a beautiful, healing environment.” Joseph knows of what he speaks. Since assuming leadership of Right Step, Promises P.A.T.H’s sister facility, in 1994, he has grown the organization from a single treatment center to multiple locations that comprise the largest drug- and alcohol- addiction conglomerate in the Southwest. Promises P.A.T.H takes the tried-and-true treatment foundation found at Right Step, and embellishes it through a holistic medical regimen and a picturesque setting that simultaneously transform the mind, body, and spirit. “We serve no more than 24 guests at one time, both men and women, over 26 years of age.” Joseph says. “The minimum stay is 35 days. The core element in addiction recovery is the Twelve Step model, but Promises P.A.T.H expands this core to integrate the physical, mental, emotional, family, and spiritual health needs and related treatment plans for each individual.” The facility’s team of MDs (addiction and psychiatric specializations), PhDs, therapists, LCDCs, nutritionists, educators, and staff, work collaboratively and individually with each guest via onsite spa services, personal trainers, gourmet chefs, nutritional counseling, hiking and biking, meditation, yoga and other recreational and educational enrichment opportunities. “The treatment plan equips our guests with the necessary tools to conquer their addictions and live healthy, sober lives,” Joseph says. “Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has three primary components: a comprehensive assessment, a personalized treatment plan, and one year of recovery coaching after completing the in-residence program. This program has been carefully developed with tried and tested methods for ensuring the most comprehensive addiction recovery program possible to achieve successful sobriety and healthy life change.” To learn about how you or a loved one can enjoy this change, please visit our website or call us at: 888.293.2202.

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