On The Job All the Time

You can never work too hard or spend too much time on the job, or can you? Much research has been conducted on this topic and now a new test can determine your level of work addiction. A new article in Science Codex talks about the Bergen Work Addiction Scale. It was developed to help identify the levels of work addiction in people. Research has shown that too much work is the contributing factor to family and health problems. The Bergen Scale determines the level of addiction from not addicted to workaholic. There are seven sets of criteria on the scale and if a person answers “often” or “always” to at least four of the criteria then it indicates they may be addicted to work. Answers from this test can assist research and help those who may be suffering from this type of addiction to seek balance in their life. Workaholics begin to determine their own self worth based on the job they do and do not know any other characteristic for themselves. Life is flying by and if they have a family they do not realize all they are missing out on. Their health begins to decline due to the heightened stress that they put on themselves. They do not see anything wrong with their excessive work behavior because they are supporting their families. Work addiction is like any other addiction except there is no substance to abuse. Addicts of this disease get so involved in their occupation that they seem to forget that there are other points of life to enjoy. Technology now allows people to be connected to their work 24/7 and it is often hard to find a boundary between work and life. As with anything else, finding a balance is key to enjoying all aspects of life.

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