Benzo Detox Center

Enrolling at the Promises Behavioral Health benzo detox center can be the best option when you struggle with addiction. Whether you had a prescription or not, the medication hooked you. Trying to stop now results in withdrawal symptoms. That said, there’s a way out through treatment.

What Does Benzo Abuse Look Like?

Even if you received the medication from a doctor, you might have slipped into dependency. Maybe you didn’t realize that you were slowly developing a dependence. If you took it without a prescription, you thought that you had things under control. However, you were wrong; you need help from addiction treatment center programs.

Recreational abuse can happen when you take larger dosages than what is normal. Moreover, you may have been taking the drugs more frequently than the directions say. Some people also mix benzos with alcohol to boost the depressant properties of both drugs. The instant relaxation from a bottle appealed to you.

Why Enroll at the Benzo Detox Center?close up of female patient talking to doctor at a benzo detox center

Unlike detox from opiates, benzos don’t present with the intense pain. However, they have withdrawal symptoms of their own. They depend in large part on the length of time that you’ve been taking benzodiazepines. Because withdrawal symptoms can be so intense that they lead to immediate relapse, staying at a detox center is essential.

It’s interesting to note that the actual withdrawal symptoms may appear with a delay. It depends on the types of benzos you currently take. Therefore, enrollment in benzo detox programs may not be necessary until two or three days after quitting. Then, you may begin dealing with psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Anxiety increases. The same goes for depression. While detox from opiates comes with intense gastrointestinal upset, benzo detox center clients struggle with cravings. You wish you could have the drug to sleep, rest, relax, and just kickback.

As it is, you feel anxious. Similarly, you suffer from insomnia. You wish that there was a way to rest the way you used to. However, it’s not working.

That’s why enrollment in benzo detox programs is so essential to prevent relapse. It’s beyond tempting to reach for the prescription pills to relieve anxiousness. However, with help, you can make it past the withdrawal period of about a week. Medication-assisted treatment can help with cravings.

Besides that, there are ways that the benzo detox center will help you discover new ways of relaxing. Examples include:

  • Yoga therapy, which is an excellent tool for balancing the mind, body, and spirit to regain equilibrium
  • Mindfulness meditation, which teaches you to be present in the moment and let go of trigger emotions
  • Therapeutic recreation, which helps your brain’s reward center to kick into gear again without drugs
  • Stress management therapy that assists you with managing stressors and triggers in healthy ways
  • Medicine wheel use as an alternative tool for rediscovering the healing that ancient wisdom brings
  • Massage therapy for relaxation and a return to whole-body wellness

What Comes after Medical Care at the Benzo Detox Center?

Once you finish with the detoxification process, it’s time to move to the clinical aspect of care. During the rehab portion of treatment, you learn to break the psychological addiction. It’s critical to do so as soon as possible after detox to prevent relapse. Breaking the mental habit allows you to overcome the urge to use it again.

It teaches you new ways of enjoying the relaxation that doesn’t come from a bottle. Find out today how we can customize your stay at the benzo detox center. Connect with therapists at Promises Behavioral Health by calling 844.875.5609.


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