Women’s Rehab Center Program

Drug addiction treatment centers often set their programs up to be gender-specific. We do this because men and women are different in how they handle addiction. Rehab programs for women often need to take into account that women become addicted quicker and often are more affected, in terms of physical damage. A women’s rehab center program understands the unique needs that women face. The rehab center must also be aware of the factors that brought them to rehab in the first place. Women also require specific tools to be successful in their healing journey.

Women and Addiction5 women sit in a group at a women's rehab center program

We have found that while men often take drugs to get high, women often turn to drugs as a means to heal pain. The majority of women in a women’s rehab center program experienced sexual or physical abuse at some point. Many have known this abuse since they were children. The patients need trauma-informed approaches to therapy. Women need treatments that help them find the trauma inside and then bring it to the surface to process and release it.

In addition to the other differences, women are less likely to have first become addicted by taking illegal straight drugs. Women enter drug rehab for an addiction to prescription medicine more often than men. When a woman turns to street drugs to fulfill her cravings, she is likely to reach the stage of injecting drugs quicker. Women also come to a women’s rehab center program with a higher chance of also facing physical and psychological factors that need addressing immediately.

Rehab Programs for Women

A women’s rehab center program must be prepared to meet a woman where she is at the moment. She has most likely spent her life feeling a woman is supposed to be a caretaker. Reaching out for help was totally against her fundamental nature. She may feel she is a failure as a mother and may even fear losing custody of her children due to her choice. Only other women can fully understand some of these things, and a gender-specific program will help her be able to open up about these issues. She can benefit from programs that offer her a chance to heal her mind, body, and soul. These include:

A woman is also more likely than a man to be struggling with more than one mental health disorder. Some of the most prevalent for a woman in a women’s rehab center program are:

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar Disorder

This tendency toward having a dual diagnosis means that a woman requires an active component of mental health care available at the rehab program.

Looking Ahead

Once a woman has finished the first part of a women’s rehab center program, she is going to need additional support in most cases. A good aftercare program is something that can help her regain her identity. She could also benefit from continued mental health counseling and a support group of other women on the same journey. Teaching her stress-reduction techniques will help her manage her parenting skills. Learning to set and enforce boundaries will help in all her relationships. In essence, the entire program should empower this woman to take the world and make it one that recognizes her value.

A Woman’s Friend

Promises Behavioral Health understands the unique challenges facing a woman who seeks a women’s rehab center programWe offer women a holistic program that speaks to their individual needs. Our methods have proven themselves to be effective over time. Don’t allow addiction to take another day of your health and happiness. Reach out to contact us and start healing now. 844.875.5609

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