Bipolar Disorder Treatment Program

A person in a bipolar disorder treatment programLiving with bipolar disorder can severely disrupt your everyday life, your relationships, and your overall well-being. But there are evidence-based treatment options to help people overcome the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Call Promises at 844.875.5609 to learn more about our targeted mental health treatment center and about our bipolar disorder treatment program . 

Understanding Bipolar Disorder 

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition characterized by sudden shifts in a person’s mood, emotional state, and energy levels. People living with bipolar disorder can experience severe and long-lasting depression, sometimes followed by bursts of energy and elation, known as manic episodes. 

Manic Episodes 

Manic episodes are periodic events where people with bipolar disorder suddenly feel energetic, irritable, or euphoric. During a manic episode, people can experience symptoms such as: 

  • Rapid speech 
  • A feeling of euphoria or elation 
  • Insomnia 
  • Sudden goal-oriented activity 
  • Engaging in risky behaviors, such as substance use, gambling, or impulsive decisions 

For some people with bipolar disorder, manic episodes can be extreme, while others experience hypomania, which is a less dramatic boost in mood and energy levels. 

Depressive Episodes 

Depressive episodes are the other pole of bipolar disorder. During a depressive episode, people with bipolar disorder experience symptoms like: 

  • Feelings of guilt, sadness, or hopelessness 
  • Chronic fatigue or energy loss 
  • Difficulty focusing on tasks or making decisions 
  • Hypersomnia (sleeping too much) 
  • Suicidal thoughts 

The symptoms of a depressive episode parallel the symptoms of major depressive disorder and can severely impact people’s ability to maintain relationships, jobs, or their quality of life. 

How a Bipolar Disorder Treatment Program Can Help 

Bipolar treatment programs deliver evidence-based services to people living with bipolar disorder to help improve their symptoms and start living a better life.  

By combining psychiatric intervention, behavioral therapy techniques, and incorporating healthy lifestyle changes, a bipolar disorder treatment program can help people take back control over their lives. With treatment, you can overcome the debilitating symptoms of bipolar disorder. 

Psychiatric Medications 

Medication is the gold-standard treatment in any effective BD treatment program. Certain medications known as mood stabilizers can effectively balance out the two drastically different poles of bipolar disorder, allowing clients to achieve a stable mental and emotional state that allows them to flourish. 

Furthermore, medication can diminish many of the negative effects of depressive episodes, helping people feel more energetic, hopeful, and able to fulfill their daily tasks and obligations. 

Starting medication treatment at a bipolar treatment program allows people to work closely with their psychiatrist to determine the right medication and the right dose at the right times. This can remove many of the barriers of starting treatment with an outside provider, allowing you to start feeling better fast. 

Behavioral Treatments 

While medication alone is often extremely helpful for people with bipolar disorder, a BD treatment program combines this effective treatment with multiple forms of talk therapy to further enhance your chances of recovery. Multiples styles of therapy have proven to be effective at helping treat bipolar disorder, including: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy 
  • Dialectical behavior therapy 
  • Group therapy 
  • Family therapy 

When therapy is used in conjunction with appropriate medications, people can achieve drastic changes in their mood, energy levels, and overall well-being. Combined therapy is the most effective treatment option for treating BD. In fact, most people will see a dramatic change within just a few weeks. 

Start a Bpd Treatment Program at Promises 

Promises Behavioral Health is the premier location for you or your loved one to start getting help overcoming the challenges of bipolar disorder. Reach out to our team of mental health professionals by calling 844.875.5609.  

Our team can walk you through your different treatment options, help you make the right choice for your recovery, and will be there to support you every step of the way.

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