Help Your Loved One Live a Better Life

If your loved one is struggling with mental health or addiction disorders, don’t wait until it’s too late to help. As a spouse, family member, or close friend, you can provide your loved one with hope for a better tomorrow. Promises Austin offers high-quality mental health and addiction treatment for a loved one to help them regain stability.

What Happens During Mental Health and Addiction Treatment for a Loved One?

Our passionate and experienced multidisciplinary staff members use evidence-based therapies proven to help people overcome mental health and addiction disorders. These therapies go above and beyond helping your loved one get clean and stop destructive behaviors. They get to the reasons behind their unhealthy behavior. Ultimately, Promises Austin will help your loved one experience a positive new beginning.

You’re Important to Their Recovery

Spouses, friends, and family are vital to the recovery process. Perhaps addiction or mental health issues have caused damage to you and your loved one’s relationship. However, participating in their recovery can help everyone involved heal. When friends, spouses, and families participate in their loved one’s treatment, it can portray a sign of hope. It also presents an opportunity for transparent communication and a chance for everyone to heal together.

Care and Compassion for a Loved One

When your loved one arrives at one of our nationally accredited mental health and addiction treatment centers, our staff will make them feel right at home. They’ll receive specialized care from our therapists, clinicians, and other staff members, many of whom are also in recovery. Your loved one will also have the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with others in recovery. Clients will have a full daily schedule with activities like individual and group therapy, fitness, and real-world life skills training to practice what they’ve learned in recovery. They’ll also have access to well-balanced meals.

Make a Promise to Help Your Loved One

You don’t have to continue to watch your loved one struggle. For information about mental health and addiction treatment for a loved one, call the recovery specialists today at Promises Austin today: 1.713.528.3709.