Women’s Alcohol Rehab Center

Substance abuse treatment programs come in many different varieties because an effective program must be designed to meet the specific needs of the individual. Every sector of the substance abuse population requires some special consideration. Rehab centers also take gender differences into account. The women’s alcohol rehab center must understand a woman faces addiction differently than a man does. Let’s explore what an alcohol rehab center for women must consider to be the most help.

Isn’t Alcohol Addiction Treatment the Same for Men and Women?
A woman stares at a bottle and considers getting help at a women's alcohol rehab center

Both men and women are susceptible to addiction. If we face reality, however, women and men face different challenges throughout the process. Women have distinctly different reasons to abuse substances than men do. A women’s alcohol rehab center must consider the reasons a woman may turn to drugs. They should also understand the difficulties she must face seeking treatment, and even the angle to approach the recovery journey. Women are also more likely to need a program that treats dual diagnosis. Men often have a higher tendency toward having a concurrent antisocial personality disorder. However, women are more likely to have multiple personality and mood disorders. They can often have as many as three different psychological disorders in addition to the addiction. A women’s alcohol rehab center must have a strong emphasis on mental health counseling.

Barriers to Treatment in a Women’s Alcohol Rehab Center

A woman may find it more challenging to enter a women’s alcohol rehab center. Women view their positions in the family, and society as a whole, differently than a man does. Some things that might stop her from seeking treatment include:

  • Lack of childcare: she may feel nobody can adequately care for her children.
  • Lower-income: women tend to have lower incomes than men. She may not feel she can afford treatment. This barrier is especially true if she is on a spouse’s insurance and doesn’t have her own.
  • She fears losing her children or being considered a failure as a mother.
  • A mixed-gender program may cause her fear or trigger issues related to past trauma.

All of these create fear in a woman’s mind. Some women view their role as the basis of stability in a family. This viewpoint often puts them in a position to deny their needs. Time at an alcohol rehab center for women may have her feeling selfish for focusing on her own needs at the moment.

Focus in an Alcohol Rehab Center for Women

An alcohol rehab center for women must take into account that many women have faced trauma related to physical or sexual abuse. This past can make PTSD a high possibility. The focus on any counseling as a woman moves through her recovery journey must provide her with:

  • Self-reliance: women have traditionally been taught to rely on men
  • Acting rather than reacting: women more frequently respond to the actions of others rather than directing their actions.
  • Empowerment: a woman needs more encouragement to understand her inner strength.
  • Trusting herself: women will feel more like they have failed and will need to learn to trust their own choices again.
  • Respecting herself: this can be especially true for women who have previously been sex workers.
  • Caring for herself: women around the world are better at caring for others than they are themselves.

Promises Behavioral Health and Women’s Treatment

At Promises Behavioral Health, we understand what you must be going through as you enter a women’s alcohol rehab center. We have programs explicitly directed to women who are finding addiction taking its toll on their lives. However, we also offer multiple therapies, including:

Contact us today to discuss the special considerations you may have in place to be successful on your road to recovery. Our trained counselors will help answer all your concerns. Call 844.875.5609 today to learn more.

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