Day: May 10, 2013

The Voices In Your Head

Strident, screeching chatter. Prodding, coaxing, cajoling that never abates. Voices so loud and imposing you can’t sleep. Anorexics, bulimics, and food addicts of all stripes know the sound. We all have “the voice in our head,” our inner voice that directs and guides us. We all hear the playback of voices from our past. But …

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Recovering from Dysthymia

Dysthymia (or dysthymic disorder) is a serious form of depression that, by definition, lasts for a period of at least two years. While it produces relatively moderate symptoms, its long-term effects on a person’s mood and life outlook can easily be as disruptive or debilitating as the effects associated with major depression (major depressive disorder). …

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