ADHD and Anxiety

ADHD and anxiety are two extremely common conditions in the United States. In fact, millions of people are diagnosed with either ADHD or anxiety; however, these conditions can also occur together, which is referred to as a comorbidity.  Comorbidity is two conditions occurring simultaneously. Some conditions, such as ADHD and anxiety, occur together more frequently. If you are struggling with one or both of these conditions, it can make life quite challenging. 

Symptoms of ADHD 

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It has two components to the disorder, namely, a problem with attention and focus and a problem with hyperactivity. Some people may have just the attention deficit component, which is referred to as ADD or attention deficit disorder. However, many people do have problems with both their attention span and hyperactivity.   ADHD may not manifest itself the same in everyone but here are some common symptoms: 

  • Difficulty concentrating and remembering things 
  • Trouble following through with tasks 
  • Feeling continually restless 
  • Difficulty following directions 

Symptoms of Anxiety 

Anxiety is more than just the occasional worry over things that should cause worry. Instead, clinical anxiety results in a disruption of your life because of excessive worry. You also find that the worry is much greater than the problem, making the anxiety exaggerated.  People with anxiety also manifest physical symptoms such as stomach upset, headaches, fatigue or insomnia, and difficulty concentrating. 

How ADHD and Anxiety Overlap 

Sometimes people get ADHD and anxiety confused. They may feel restless because they’re anxious, or they may be restless due to the ADHD. Another symptom that overlaps is having trouble remembering things and concentrating. When people are very anxious about things happening, it causes them to have problems concentrating. This is normal for anxiety, yet it is also a sign of ADHD. 

Treatment for ADHD and Anxiety 

Doctors have different approaches to treating these conditions. Usually, a doctor will prescribe a medication, such as Ritalin, for ADHD. If someone is also suffering from anxiety, the person will likely be referred for counseling. As a result, the person will feel much better after obtaining proper treatment at our ADHD treatment center There are risks with ADHD medication, however, because many of them are a Schedule II drug, which means they carry the potential for abuse and dependence. It’s important to only use the medication as prescribed, and be sure to seek rehab treatment if you suspect you are misusing the drug. 

Find Help at Promises Treatment Center 

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