Benefits of a Family Program

When addiction occurs in the family, it creates a wide range of problems and conflicts which no one in the home is equipped to handle. Eventually, issues arise that far exceed substance abuse. For instance, neglect, abuse, financial problems, stress, and emotional turmoil take their toll as the family unit disintegrates. For this reason, there are several benefits to a family program. Addiction treatment centers in Texas include family therapy as a core form of treatment for all members of the household. Therapy is aimed at addressing the substance abuse and co-occurring problems that may be underlying factors in the addiction. A therapist works with the family to find strategies for working out their conflicts while providing support for the person in recovery.

Benefits of a Family Program

There are several benefits of a family program, including:

  • Giving Everyone a Voice: Addiction affects people in different ways. A family program allows each person to share their thoughts and feelings while talking about the emotional and mental turmoil they have experienced. They can also talk about how they feel about living at home and what problems they need to work out.
  • Finding Real Solutions to Problems: One of the reasons why problems persist is because the family may be unable or unwilling to address the issues and find solutions. Therefore, working with the therapist, each member of the family develops strategies for solving problems and working out conflict in a healthy manner.
  • Improving Communication: Poor communication is a common family problem that hinders growth. But, family therapy can help the family discover effective ways to communicate while attacking the problem, not each other. Each member learns how to control their emotions, listen more, and be more assertive in areas where communication is important.
  • Support the Person in Recovery: For the most, families want to see a loved one succeed while in rehab. However, the support may only extend to the person while they are in the early stages of recovery. A family program helps the family create a supportive environment at home to make the transition from rehab to normal life easier.
  • Getting Help for Disorders: Some families have problems with multiple addictions or disorders that need to be addressed across the board. A treatment specialist can work with each member of the family to help them with their addiction or mental health issue. As the family becomes more of a team, each member learns how to support each other as they grow together.

How to Get Started

Like all forms of counseling, family therapy begins with a basic assessment of the current state of the home. Each person can contribute to the therapy sessions. The sessions may include individual or collective talk therapy depending on the needs of the family. Promises P.A.T.H also includes programs such as:

Promises P.A.T.H can work with your family through every stage of recovery. Our goal is to reunite the family and keep the home together. As such, we provide a wide range of treatments for each person who has been affected by addiction. To find out more about the benefits of a family program, call us at 844.875.5609.

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