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Am I Bipolar?

Am I bipolar? This is a question that many people may ask about themselves, and the answer may not always be immediately apparent. Anyone asking, “Do I have a bipolar disorder?” should read on to learn more about the symptoms of bipolar disorder and how it can be addressed safely. It’s important to know so you can get therapy for mood disorders if you’re struggling with bipolar disorder.

Am I Bipolar Because My Mood Shifts Rapidly?

One of the challenges of accurately diagnosing bipolar disorder is that the word bipolar is used very casually. For example, someone who is mad one day and then happy the next might say that they are bipolar, but that is likely not a true diagnosis. It’s normal to experience shifting moods. Just because you experience emotional highs and lows, it does not mean that you are truly bipolar.

Bipolar disorder is categorized by cycles of mania and depression. These cycles don’t typically happen multiple times a day, a week or even a month. Instead, a person may experience months of mania before it ends and a depressive phase begins. It is important not to confuse mood with the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Am I Bipolar Because I Experience Mania?

Many more people struggle with depression than with mania. Therefore, someone who only experiences depression may first be diagnosed with depression and sent to a depression treatment center. However, someone who experiences mania is likely struggling with a bipolar disorder.

If you experience the symptoms of mania, then you might need to ask this question: Do I have a bipolar disorder? Symptoms of mania can include lots of energy, difficulty sleeping and engaging in risky behaviors. Mania can make you feel invincible, and you might get angry if someone questions your lifestyle, attitudes or behavior.

Similar to the symptoms of mania are the symptoms of hypomania. These are not as intense, but they can still be a sharp contrast to depression, and they can still be problematic and require treatment.

Why Am I Bipolar?

Mood disorders like bipolar disorder can stem from a number of different factors. Ultimately, a lot of it may be genetic. That means that a person’s DNA might dictate whether they are more or less likely to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder might also arise from environmental or personal factors. Stress, for example, can be a cause of bipolar disorder. Those who experience trauma at a young age or who don’t manage stress well are more likely to experience the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Get Support For Bipolar Disorder at Promises Behavioral Health

To overcome bipolar disorder, therapy for mood disorders is a smart choice. At Promises Behavioral Health, clients can find support and therapy as they navigate their disorder and explore treatment options. Therapy strategies for clients can include all of the following:

Am I bipolar? If you’re asking this question, then seek out a professional answer. Call Promises Behavioral Health at 844.875.5609 to learn more about therapy options for mood disorders like bipolar. Wherever you live, help is available that can improve your life.


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