a therapist talks to a woman and gives her an explanation of dual diagnosis treatment

An Explanation of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When people consider getting treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, there are often other issues at work. For example, mental health problems can lead to substance abuse in many cases. That’s why it’s so important to get an explanation of dual diagnosis treatment when you work with a drug rehab facility. You may need to get treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues at the same time. This treatment will allow you to get better faster and have the right kind of treatment for your needs. At Promises Behavioral Health, we can help you address all of those issues at one time, so you can have a brighter, happier future to enjoy.

Ask for an Explanation of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

If you’re not sure about how the facility plans to handle your concerns, make sure you ask for an explanation of dual diagnosis treatment. Essentially, it means that your substance abuse and mental health issues will be diagnosed and treated at the same time. That reduces the chance of a relapse and gives you the best chance of getting better. But it’s also essential in that every facility may handle things differently. You’ll want to ask about the specifics of your treatment, so you can find the rehab facility that will be right for your needs and give you the help and support you deserve.

Dual Diagnosis is Just One Treatment Option

The best way to get proper help for substance abuse and mental health issues is to go to a treatment facility that will give you an explanation of dual diagnosis treatment and will also work with you on other treatment choices. There are different treatment options because not everything works right for every person. With that in mind, we want to give you guidance and support regarding the kinds of treatment programs and services we offer. That way, you can work with us to find the right combination and get the help that’s going to give you a good future. Some of the programs and services we offer include:

  • Drug rehab for professionals
  • Non-12-step programs
  • Medical drug detox
  • Outpatient drug rehab
  • EMDR therapy
  • Family and couples counseling
  • Anger management therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

When you combine a drug treatment program with the right kind of mental health help, you get a supportive, dual diagnosis treatment that can help you have a brighter and happier future. We want to be a part of that for you, and that starts with an explanation of dual diagnosis treatment and how we can use that to give you all the help and support you need for success. Our trained and caring staff will work with you on finding the right balance of treatment programs and services, so you can feel better faster and enjoy a long-lasting and robust recovery. Then you can get back to living and enjoying your life again.

Get Treatment Today From Promises Behavioral Health

There’s no reason to let addiction have control over your life any longer. No matter how long you’ve experienced addiction or mental health issues, there’s help and hope available to you. You can conquer your addiction and overcome the problems surrounding it when you attend a quality facility for drug rehab. Contact us at 844.875.5609 today, and we can start you on the road to a complete recovery that will last. Your future is up to you, and you can take that future back from addiction. Don’t settle for less than you deserve in life. Reaching out to us is the first step toward getting the kind of help and treatment you need to succeed.

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