Family Intervention – Helping a Loved One

In a family intervention, the addicted individual is confronted with the effect their addiction is having on those around them, primarily their family. When considering a family intervention, the professional staff of intervention counselors at The Sundance Center will prove to be an invaluable resource.  We have worked with some of the country’s best interventionists and can help you find someone in your area, whether you live close by or in another state.  Most interventionists work throughout the country, so you don’t have to find one close to you – you can focus on finding the best intervention specialist for your family member. Most addicts, due to the psychological effects of drug addiction, actually cannot recognize how much their addiction hurts others, though to most the pain and suffering caused may be glaringly evident to others. This situation is only complicated by the feelings of helplessness felt by family members who are seemingly only able to stand by and watch as their loved one slowly descends into the grips of addiction. Addiction is often called a family disease. This is because over the years the addicted person learns how to lie and manipulate family members and friends so they can continue their addiction.  The powerful hold of drugs and alcohol on the affected person often make them say and do things they would never consider if sober and clean.  Family members can become enmeshed with the addict. They are terrified for the addict, but also do not want to alienate their loved one.  The addicted person will work one family member against another to get their needs met. Remember:  for the addict, the drug is survival.  Until they learn another way to live, you cannot expect them to make rational decisions that are good for themselves or the family. This is why the counselors at The Sundance Center take family intervention so seriously.  We understand that family members often need support, guidance, and information to get the addicted person to accept help. If someone you loved in abusing drugs and alcohol you likely feel powerless, frustrated, and worried.  You are not alone.  A professional intervention can be the first step toward family recovery. If you are considering whether or not a family intervention is the right choice for your situation, the dedicated and professional counselors at The Sundance Center are ready and willing to offer any advice necessary to help guide you through this delicate process. Contact them now to discuss ways they can help you save someone you care about. If your family is looking for an intervention for a loved one, call one of our specialist today: 844-877-2806

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