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How to Celebrate Stress Awareness Month

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. Stress can prompt you to take action to prevent something negative from happening, which is a valuable function. However, stress can also overwhelm you and leave you feeling tired, wired, and stuck in a rut. April is Stress Awareness Month, the perfect time to look at how stress affects your life and what you can do to change that.

At Promises Behavioral Health, we help people overcome the effects of stress, mental health conditions, and addiction. We empower you to handle the ups and downs that life throws your way by providing healthy coping skills and stress management techniques. Call us today at 844.875.5609 to learn how our stress treatment programs can help you reclaim a calmer mind and body during Stress Awareness Month.

The Top Ways to Celebrate Stress Awareness Month

You are already aware that you are stressed—so how can you celebrate Stress Awareness Month? Here are some tips to inspire you to leave stress behind:

Take a Vacation

When people work too many hours and go too many days without taking some time off, they can quickly burn out. Although you may worry that you will get behind at work if you take a vacation, understand that the more stressed out and drained you get, the less efficient you will be at work anyway. Taking time away to do something relaxing or enjoyable can help you return to work feeling refreshed and motivated.

Take a Mental Health Day from Work

It is understandable if you cannot plan a vacation this month, but that should not hold you back from taking some time for yourself. Try to find at least one day this month to take off from work and tend to your mental health. Plan a day trip, a spa day, or just relax at home and enjoy the peace and quiet. 

Reevaluate Your Life

Feeling stuck in jobs or relationships that make you feel stressed most of the time can be exhausting. Use Stress Awareness Month as a time to take inventory of what is no longer serving you well in life. Are there any areas of your life causing you to stress that you can change? If you hate your job, is it possible to look for another one or even change careers altogether? Are there unhealthy relationships that are slowly draining you? Can you limit your time with these people, end your relationship with them, or is there hope to improve the relationship? 

Schedule an Appointment with a Therapist

Individual counseling can play a complementary role in your stress management plan. Having someone you can speak to in confidence about your problems can take some weight off your shoulders. They can also help you find healthier perspectives and develop possible solutions to alleviate unnecessary stress.

Find Physical Activities You Enjoy

Exercise is an amazing stress reliever, but it will just defeat the purpose if you force yourself to do exercise you do not enjoy. There are plenty of different types of physical movement to choose from. Explore some new options during Stress Awareness Month, such as running, tai chi, hiking, bicycling, yoga, and dancing. 

Get the Stress Treatment You Need at Promises Behavioral Health

At Promises Behavioral Health, your mental health is our top priority. We understand how stress can overwhelm you and possibly lead you down the path to addiction. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to reduce stress in your life and manage life challenges without letting them wear you down. Reach out to us today at 844.875.5609 to learn how we can help you become more resilient to stress and find more joy in life.

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