How to Help an Alcoholic

Watching someone you care about slowly succumb to alcoholism can be difficult. In addition to despair and frustration, you may also feel that you do not know how to help an alcoholic. Furthermore, they may not want your help or resist any advice you offer. You may wonder if there is anywhere you can turn to get professional care. Alcohol addiction treatment in Texas is a resource for those who are seeking treatment on behalf of an alcoholic. You can speak with a treatment specialist to determine the best way to approach a friend or family member. By taking the right steps, you can help someone get on the road to recovery.

How to Identify Alcoholism

An alcoholic is someone who has fallen into an alcohol use disorder by developing a physical or psychological dependence on the substance. Although it can be challenging to identify alcoholism, some of the most common and prevalent symptoms include:

  • The person can’t get through the day without a drink
  • Alcohol is affecting every area of a person’s life
  • Every time they drink, they drink to an excess
  • Their problem interferes with family, work, health, and social life
  • They deny their problem although it is evident that they have one
  • They experience changes in behavior, personality, habits, sleep, and diet

If you are unsure whether a person is an alcoholic, you can always seek advice from a trained specialist. Furthermore, you may want to approach the person and discuss your concerns.

How to Help an Alcoholic: The First Steps

Although you may not know how to help an alcoholic, there are some steps you can take to get them professional care. Here are some tips to get you started:

Know What You Are Going to Say

When you talk to an alcoholic, you need to choose your words carefully. Being too harsh, judgmental, or point fingers can turn them away. However, you also need to be direct and firm while preparing yourself for any possible reaction. Stay calm regardless of how the other person acts. 

Choose the Right Location and Time

To have the chance for the most successful conversation, you must make sure the individual is sober. Also, choose a place and time where there are no distractions. Make sure it is a private place to avoid any interruptions.

Offer Support and Encouragement

Regardless of how you are feeling at the time, the most important thought you need to convey is support and encouragement. Urge the person to attend an alcohol addiction treatment center. Let them know that you will take them and be with them throughout their recovery. Even if you don’t know how to help an alcoholic, offering care and support with sincerity can go a long way.

Intervention: The First Step to Recovery

If you need help with an alcohol intervention, then contact Promises P.A.T.H today. We can provide education and resources on how to help an alcoholic. We also offer detox, rehab, and relapse prevention. To find out more about our treatment center in Austin, Texas, call us at 844.875.5609.

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