How Your Substance Abuse Is Affecting Your Partner

You may think that your drug abuse only affects you, and you wouldn’t be alone. Many drug abusers use this as an excuse not to stop or not to make positive changes. You claim that what you’re doing harms no one else, so it’s no big deal that you’re abusing flexeril that you were prescribed by your doctor. The truth is that any time you abuse drugs, even a prescription drug you think is harmless, your acts impact the people you care about, including the most important person in your life: your partner.

How Does Drug Abuse Affect Families?

Whether you have children or not, your drug abuse affects your partner in negative ways. If you do have children, you are probably causing him to worry about their well-being. Your drug abuse means that you are often unavailable and he has to pick up the slack. He may need to pick up the kids, go to teacher conferences, help with homework and make dinner because you are unable to contribute. If you don’t have children and are a family of two, you may not be needed as much, but your partner still requires your presence in your life together. When you’re getting high on your drug of choice, you can’t be available the way you normally would. You may be passed out or sleeping it off when he wants to spend time with you. Your intimacy may suffer if you are never in the mood or too busy getting high.

Drug Abuse Strains Relationships

Continuing to abuse drugs in spite of how it affects your partner and in spite of his feelings about it is selfish. If your partner has asked you to stop and has told you how it affects him, and yet you continue to use drugs, it sends a clear message to him that your needs are more important than his. This can put a huge strain on your relationship, one you may not be able to overcome. Sometimes your actions as a drug abuser may become more serious and cause your partner extreme concern. Maybe you’re taking Molly while pregnant or driving when you’re under the influence. Maybe your drug use has led you to commit an infidelity. While abusing drugs, you’re likely to make some seriously bad choices that affect both you and your partner. You may not be an addict yet, but if you abuse any kind of drug, to any degree, you are headed down that path. If you’re asking how does drug addiction affect the family, you may find out soon. It will leave more of an impact on your partner and your relationship if your drug abuse develops into an addiction. Now is the time to stop abusing drugs, to re-evaluate your life and your choices and to make a change. Your drug use is not isolated. You are affecting the people around you and if you don’t change your actions soon, you could find yourself alone.

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