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Are There Benefits of Therapy Away from Home?

Drug and alcohol addiction often involves complications, including worsening mental health. Without effective treatment, continued substance abuse can lead to lifelong, negative consequences. If you’re anxious about treatment because you’re surrounded by triggers, therapy away from home may be a better option for you. Some people find a number of benefits in getting a fresh start in a new location.

More Than One Treatment Option

Everyone is different, and their treatment plans can be, too. While some people love the comfort and familiarity of nearby therapy, others want to get away from it all. They may find the most benefit in seeking an inpatient anxiety disorder treatment center away from home.

Despite the fact that millions of Americans suffer from addiction and/or mental illness, SAMHSA points out that although these illnesses are common, they’re also “treatable and many people do recover.” The right mental health therapy may be around the corner from you, or it may be across the country.

The Benefits of Getting Therapy Away From Home

Roughly 50% of people who have a mental illness also struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re dealing solely with depression or anxiety, or only with substance dependency. Any of those is a serious issue that requires effective treatment.

If the idea of therapy away from home appeals to you, it offers benefits, such as:

  • Putting distance between you and your triggers
  • Getting away from negative and toxic influences in your life
  • Giving you a fresh start and a sense of a new beginning
  • Making it more difficult to leave if you have doubts about recovery
  • Placing you in a sober environment

For many people who need addiction and/or mental health therapy, just being in a different environment puts them in a better mindset for recovery. They’re no longer surrounded by negative people or facing daily stressors that make them want to use. They can get the strong foundation they need for recovery, giving them a better chance of staying sober for the long term.

Life-Changing Treatment Just for You

Are you ready to turn your life around? Promises Behavioral Health has addiction treatment centers throughout the country. You can get inpatient care or therapy away from home if that suits you better. What matters most is that you seek treatment designed to help you overcome drug and alcohol addiction, and begin a new chapter of your life.

We provide an inpatient anxiety disorder treatment center, outpatient rehab, as well as treatment for gambling addiction and mood disorders.

Other programs we offer include:

Addiction can have devastating effects on you and your family. With various kinds of treatment, however, you can leave all of that behind. Getting treatment away from home can help you get away from triggers so you can focus on nothing but your recovery. Call us today at 844.875.5609, and we’ll start you on a path to a healthier, sober future.            


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