Woman crying in group addiction treatment finding motivation to overcome substance abuse

Motivation to Overcome Substance Abuse

Triggers, cravings, tolerance and physical dependence are all factors that get in the way of the recovery process, but there is another factor that deserves to be a part of this list: lack of motivation to overcome substance abuse. For those who struggle with finding the motivation to seek out addiction treatment and using that motivation to sustain them throughout the process, recovering from an addiction to alcohol or other drugs can feel daunting and impossible. 

Substance abuse disorders (SUD) are unfortunately becoming more commonly diagnosed, and in the opioid epidemic of the last few decades, too many have lost their lives to its insidious nature. In times of record-high overdose deaths, finding the motivation to overcome substance abuse is hopefully becoming more accessible and more manageable for those who genuinely want to make a change. No matter how long someone has been struggling with substance abuse, there are options for a better future.

Why is it Difficult to Find Motivation to Overcome Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse is not like other illnesses. It is a combination of challenges that affect you physically, mentally and emotionally. With its roots in mental health concerns and the power to create physiological changes, substance abuse disorder is no walk in the park. Finding the motivation to overcome the hold a SUD can have on you or someone you know is more complex than most stop to consider. We have all heard the ignorant and oxymoronic statement, “if an addict wanted to quit, they’d just quit.” However, anyone who has seen or experienced addiction firsthand knows that it is not that easy.

While the family and friends of someone who shows symptoms of substance abuse disorder often have no hindrances when listing all the reasons one should get sober, the same is not always true for the person in recovery. Regardless of the endless reasons someone else might give, they have to find the motivation to take action toward sobriety themselves. No one can convince or force someone to overcome substance abuse; it is an inside job. Even when someone living with addiction finds the motivation to seek sobriety, that motivation to stay clean will need to continue to be refreshed and reapplied with every step toward long-term sobriety.

Build Motivation through Addiction Treatment

While finding the motivation to overcome substance abuse is a struggle on its own, so will be holding that motivation all the way through to long-term abstinence. A continued focus on the realistic hurdles to sobriety is needed to overcome SUD and similar behavioral patterns. Maintaining motivation will require renewed hope in life and in self. Wanting to get sober and overcome substance abuse will require truth and awareness that supports a healthier future.

Having a support team behind you significantly increases the odds of success. Knowing you are surrounded by people who only want to see you succeed in sobriety and in life will provide the safe space needed for proper healing. This same support team can be a continued strength when it comes to long-term substance use abstinence.

The team at Promises Behavioral Health is ready to set you up for success in achieving long-term sobriety. Our dedicated and highly trained team is ready to help you. We will get you on the path toward a healthy future by helping you overcome substance abuse. With our varied therapy opportunities, the tools you need to succeed will be available to you. Take the first step and reach out if you or someone you know is struggling. We can help you discover the motivation to overcome substance abuse.

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