Teen worrying about teens like herself who smoke and binge drink

Do Teens Smoke and Binge Drink at the Same Time?

Smoking and drinking have long been preached against within the walls of the local school’s heath class. Researchers now suggest lessons combine binge drinking and smoking into a single lesson regarding health as they tend to go hand in hand with today’s adolescents. Science Daily published a release examining the findings from Temple researchers. This group determined rates of smoking and binge drinking through anonymous survey data from 2,450 students in public high schools in Philadelphia. The responses were compiled from a Philadelphia Youth Behavioral Risk Survey (YRBS).

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Understanding Teens, Smoking and Binge Drinking

“These are important findings because they emphasize the need for education and intervention programs that target the co-occurrence of these two health risks,” said Brian Daly, assistant professor of public health in the College of Health Professions and Social Work, in Science Daily. Researchers examined the collected data and determined while Caucasian adolescents were more likely than African Americans to engage in either binge drinking or smoking, both groups were equally as likely to engage in both at the same time.

“In the past 30 years or so, African Americans have traditionally had the lowest instance of smoking and binge drinking,” said Daly, who presented his research at the American Psychological Association’s annual meeting this week. “Those low numbers resulted in very few studies which looked at both smoking and binge drinking in a diverse sample; most focused only on instances of these in Caucasian or Hispanic adolescents.” According to Daly, the equal instances of smoking and binge drinking among both groups points to the need to implement a multi-pronged approach to education and intervention throughout schools and other channels. In addition, the focus on treatment must be to the forefront.

What is Alcohol Addiction Treatment For Teens?

Alcoholism and addiction in teens can be a difficult problem to tackle. Teens are often more likely to take risks, experiment with alcohol, and lack the ability to recognize the consequences of their actions. Alcohol addiction treatment for teens is designed to help young people understand why they started drinking and how it has been affecting their lives negatively. It also works on helping them develop healthy ways to cope with stress so that they are less likely to rely on alcohol as an escape.

Treatment for teen addiction usually takes place in a residential treatment center or outpatient program. During this time, teens receive individual and group counseling sessions from counselors who have expertise in treating teenage alcohol abuse. Teens may also attend educational classes and participate in recreational activities, such as outdoor sports or art classes. These activities help provide a distraction from the urge to drink and reinforce healthy coping strategies.

In addition to counseling and therapy, teens in treatment for alcohol addiction may be prescribed medication by their doctor. This type of medication can help reduce cravings for alcohol and other drugs, and even block some of the effects of alcohol. These medications can be very effective if used correctly, but they should only be taken as prescribed and monitored closely by the doctor.

Finally, family therapy is an important part of alcohol addiction treatment for teens. Family members can provide support and guidance as their teen works to build a healthier lifestyle that does not include drinking or using drugs. It is also important for families to learn about how they can best support their loved one in recovery and manage any triggers or situations that may lead to relapse.

Get Help With Teen Drinking With Promises Behavioral Health

Alcohol addiction treatment for teens can be a difficult and lengthy process, but it is ultimately an investment in the future of your teen. With the right help, teens can move forward with their lives and make better choices that will benefit them in the long run. At Promises Behavioral Health, we understand the unique needs of teens battling addiction and provide evidence-based treatment options to help them achieve lasting sobriety.

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