a man and patient talk about safety at rehab from covid-19

Safety at Rehab During COVID-19

Coronavirus is putting the world on hold. There are more people than ever forced to disrupt their lives in order to stay safe. That’s okay because it’s necessary. Yet, for men and women with alcohol or drug addiction in recovery, this type of tense, high-risk situation can make it hard for you to stay the course. You may find it very difficult to feel safe at home because you are worried about relapsing. Safety in rehab may be just what you need. To learn more, contact Promises Behavioral Health today.

Recognizing the Signs of Relapse

You have not used drugs or alcohol, but you are worried that you may be approaching a high-risk point where you may find yourself doing so. What should you do? Your first step is to recognize what’s happening to you and to realize you need help. Are you experiencing any of the signs of relapse?

  • You have a bad attitude all the time. You know this, you may not know why, but you feel frustrated or angry often.
  • Your stress levels are high. For most people right now, coronavirus is making it increasingly difficult to manage stress.
  • You’re in denial. This is one your loved ones may point out. You may feel like everything is just fine, but at the back of your mind, you know it may not be.
  • You are thinking about drugs and alcohol often again. Even if you are not using them just yet, you are thinking about them.
  • You’ve started to feel cravings again. You may be thinking about having a drink to just calm your nerves.

In many cases, things like a loss of structure in your day, social breakdown and isolation, and changes in your behavior due to the limitations of this coronavirus, are making it very hard for you to stay sober. It’s not your fault you feel like this. It’s part of the disease of addiction.

Safety at Rehab: How Rehab Can Help You

If you’ve already worked through drug and alcohol addiction rehab, you may already know just how important it is to stay completely clean. While that is the case, you can’t always do it on your own. If you are thinking about using or have any of the other warning signs, call your drug and alcohol addiction treatment center right now.

You can find the safety in rehab you need here. This includes gaining access to the type of treatment you need including relapse prevention programs designed to help you avoid using. You may want to enter into a residential drug treatment facility for a few weeks to help you to regain control. If you are unable to work or go to school at this point due to the virus, then this may be one of the best decisions you make for yourself right now.

Get the Help You Need to Avoid Using

Rehabilitation is not a flat, straight road. There are twists and turns in it. There are big hills you’ll need to climb before you can get to smoother areas. Yet, you don’t have to feel like you are alone in this process. With drug and alcohol treatment available, you can step back and find the support that you need.

Safety at rehab can help you to avoid the worst outcome. All you need to do is to call a treatment center to learn more about the programs available to you. Right now, you’ll find more people than ever are facing the same complications you are. To learn more, contact Promises Behavioral Health at 844.875.5609 today.

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