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Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms to Know

Heroin’s a highly addictive opiate. If it hooked you, you’re probably no longer using for the high, which becomes more and more elusive. Rather, you’re trying to keep heroin withdrawal symptoms at bay. Here’s how a heroin addiction rehab program can help you overcome this dependency.

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms Begin Eight to Twelve Hours after the Last Fix

Depending on your overall health, use history, and typical dosage, you begin experiencing initial signs of heroin withdrawal early on. As the dose wears off, there’s slight nausea. You start dealing with a runny nose. Others comment that you’re yawning a lot.

From there, the pain progresses. Heroin addiction rehab therapists routinely work with people who dread the next stage of heroin withdrawal symptoms. They occur between days one and three. These are the pains you’ve been fearing.

You suffer from severe gastrointestinal upset. Your hands shake, you can’t rest, and you seem unable to concentrate on what’s going on. You’d love to sleep, but you can’t. Your bones hurt.

This is the toughest part of the withdrawal. By day four, the worst of the physical heroin withdrawal symptoms subside. You no longer have the pains. However, you now struggle with the psychological aspects of quitting the drug.

Medical Detox Makes Quitting Opiates Easier

These discomforts are what you’ll most likely experience if you try to self-detox. Typically, it leads to almost instant relapse. Therefore, consider the benefits of medical detox. For starters, medications exist that take away the pain.

You might still experience some discomfort. However, it won’t be anywhere near as bad as what you deal with on your own. Besides that, there are prescriptions to help curb the cravings. You can hear yourself think clearly once more.

Dealing with Psychological Addiction

Rehab now focuses on dealing with the psychological signs of heroin withdrawal. Examples include depression and anxiety. Some clients experience panic attacks. You feel like you can’t enjoy life ever again.

However, therapists customize a care protocol for you. Possible methods include:

It’s Time to Put the Fear of Withdrawal Behind You

You know that the habit’s going to kill you. You’ve already been thinking of quitting the addiction. However, so far, you’ve lived in fear of the pain. Now’s the time to put an end to the chemical dependency.

With the help of medical drug detox, you can overcome heroin withdrawal symptoms. Besides that, there’s rehab to help you quit. At Promises Behavioral Health, therapists routinely work with good people like you. Call 844.875.5609 to find out how you can start treatment as soon as possible.


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