Stress Management Techniques

You can’t always control your circumstances. You can’t control the bills or how others act. And, you can’t control certain things that happen. You can, however, control how you react. More importantly, you have the power to control your level of stress. With the right stress management techniques, you have the ability to navigate through some of life’s toughest problems with your sanity intact. Stress management techniques range from seeking professional help to just learning how to stop and breathe. Some techniques take time to learn, while others are simple and require little effort. Let’s look at some stress management techniques below that can help you work through the challenges you face.


You don’t have to be a master guru to learn how to reset when you are experiencing a stressful situation mentally. The simplest and fastest technique you can do immediately is breathing. Stop for a moment, take several long deep breathes and focus on re-centering yourself. When you breathe, inhale slowly through your nose and exhale slowly out of your mouth. Continue this technique until you have calmed down. Deep breathing gives you time to reflect on the moment, to accept what is in front of you, and it gives you the clarity to see through a situation.

Stress Management Techniques–Mindfulness and Meditation

When we think of mindfulness or meditation, we often picture someone sitting in a yoga position with their eyes closed. Indeed, in these situations, mindfulness comes naturally. However, not every situation allows you to sit down, cross your legs, and close your eyes. Furthermore, mindfulness is not a ritual. It is literally a state of mind. It is the act of recognizing the tension inside of you. Mindfulness helps you identify your negative thoughts and feelings. When you have the ability to recognize your thoughts, then you have the ability to control your thinking. This can happen on a mat or in the middle of a conflict.


Stress occurs when you mentally resist your situation. The more you resist what is in front of you, the more stress you create. Resistance causes you to lose control of your thoughts and your actions. This often leads to inner turmoil and outer conflict with others. Stress management begins with learning to accept what is around you – particularly the things you cannot change. You start by accepting yourself. From there, you accept other people, circumstances, or situations. Acceptance puts you back in control of your thoughts and emotions, and, most importantly, your behavior.

Live Healthily

Making healthy choices is half the battle of living stress-free. Exercise, a good diet, and getting a good night’s sleep promotes mental stability. The stronger your mind is, the less likely you are to fall into a pattern of anxiety and depression when things go wrong. Living healthy gives you more energy, focus, and clarity when making tough decisions. Your body is more likely to process stress without it lingering and taking control of your life.

Learn Stress Management Techniques at Promises P.A.T.H

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