Why is Alcohol Addictive?

Alcoholism is one of the largest problems in the United States, but it is one that sometimes gets ignored or minimized. People sometimes don’t realize the danger of alcohol because of its legality and easy access. People may think it’s harmless and that drinking will pose no risk for them. However, millions of people die each year due to alcohol-related deaths. Alcohol is a highly addictive substance, but you may wonder why is alcohol addictive? Let’s look at this question closer.

How Does Alcohol Affect You?

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. It slows down your system and acts as a mild sedative. However, at the same time, if the brain slows down too much, you can’t function. Therefore, the brain must compensate for the central nervous system and the body slowing down. So, the brain changes to keep alert. You could say the brain becomes somewhat over-reactive to compensate for the under-reactive CNS. When someone attempts to quit drinking, they encounter quite a bit of a problem if they’ve been drinking for a while. The reason for this is that the brain doesn’t automatically revert to its normal state. In other words, over time, the brain has changed. So, when you try to stop drinking, you will have many uncomfortable symptoms due to the brain’s activity of bouncing back and forth.

Why is Alcohol Addictive?

You may wonder why is alcohol addictive if it causes so much trouble. It’s not as simple as that when it comes to addiction. Alcohol produces a calm feeling for some people due to its depressant properties. This makes people feel relaxed when they drink, and they then want to continue drinking more. Alcohol also triggers some chemicals in the brain that make people feel happy, which is a reason they continue to do it. In addition to these reasons, some scientists believe that some people are predisposed to addiction. In other words, they will be more easily addicted to substances. This could be because of past trauma or even past drug or alcohol use. So when we ask —why is alcohol addictive, there are a variety of reasons why.

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