woman talks with therapist about an explanation of dual diagnosis treatment

An Explanation of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When people consider getting treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, there are often other issues at work. For example, many people struggling with mental health problems abuse addictive substances. If your case is like this, rehab specialists must give you an explanation of dual diagnosis treatment when you come to them for professional help …

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woman learning the role of the 12 steps during and after rehab

What Role Do 12-Step Programs Play During and After Drug Rehab?

The 12-step program remains an active element of the recovery path for many people working through addiction. The program offers a sense of community and support that can be beneficial during and after drug rehab. If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, the drug rehab programs at Promises can help. Our experienced staff …

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Person in a successful rehab

What Makes Rehab Successful?

Drug rehab success rates are difficult to find because success is a difficult concept to measure. Success, particularly when it comes to addiction, is often not linear. There are often setbacks before the real achievement is clear. When someone relapses after treatment, it doesn’t necessarily mean the treatment wasn’t successful. Although it is challenging to measure treatment success, …

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people in group therapy discuss the benefits of therapy away from home

Are There Benefits of Therapy Away from Home?

Drug and alcohol addiction often involves complications, including worsening mental health. Without effective treatment, continued substance abuse can lead to lifelong negative consequences. If you’re anxious about treatment because you’re surrounded by triggers, therapy away from home may be a better option for you. Some people find a number of benefits in getting a fresh …

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Person consoling loved one after signs that they need addiction treatment

10 Signs that Your Loved One Needs Addiction Treatment

Addiction can take many shapes and forms. It can be physical or psychological and manifests in different ways. But one thing is certain: addiction is a serious problem that should not be taken lightly. When a loved one is exhibiting signs that they are addicted, it’s important to take action to try to get them …

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woman with head in hands considering the dangers of fentanyl

Dangers of Fentanyl

There are many dangers of fentanyl use, making it imperative that a person who is addicted to this drug get professional help through an opioid addiction treatment program.  There are many severe side effects of using this drug. If you or a loved one is battling fentanyl use and needs compassionate, effective treatment, contact Promises …

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woman in treatment thinking about jealousy and alcohol

Jealousy and Alcohol: A Risky Combination

At one time or another, we’ve all been there: At a party where everyone is having a little too much to drink, you see your S.O. talking animatedly, maybe even flirtatiously, with someone attractive, and before you can blink twice, you’re raging with jealousy. Or maybe you catch your partner text-flirting with someone far away …

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person holding hands together as part of pros and cons of holistic addiction treatment

Pros and Cons of Using Holistic Treatment for Addiction

In addition to traditional therapies, many addiction treatment facilities are now integrating holistic healing practices into their provision of services. You may be wondering: what does “holistic” mean, exactly? The term is still unfamiliar to many people because the medical profession in the United States has generally avoided recommending holistic treatment methods—until recently. Alternatives to …

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people with hands in the air representing safety at rave parties

Rave Parties: Safety Precautions

Rave parties are known for loud, thumping music, vibrant light shows, and the eccentric costumes they inspire. However, there’s another side to rave parties that can have catastrophic effects on concert-goers: illicit drugs. If you’re planning on attending a rave party, know the lingo, behaviors, and hazards to watch out for. Recovering addicts may not …

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billing statement representing how much does rehab cost

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

How much does rehab cost? The cost of rehab is variable, depending on both the type of program that you’re going to as well as your insurance plan. An inpatient rehab center will naturally be more expensive than an outpatient rehab center, and most additional services provided during an inpatient stay can incur more expense. …

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