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Do I Need to Detox from Weed?

Marijuana may not be considered to be a dangerous drug by most people, but weed detox can be a distressing experience. A marijuana detox center provides the support people need while they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. If you have developed an addiction to or dependence on marijuana, call Promises at 844.875.5609 to learn about our …

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Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Is marijuana a gateway drug? Marijuana is a natural substance from the Cannaceae family and contains the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short. It creates a short-term euphoric effect along with longer-lasting pain relief and mood-enhancing properties. For some people, smoking marijuana can lead to other drugs if they are not getting the help …

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What Is THC?

While marijuana can’t cause fatal overdoses, ingesting large amounts can cause symptoms like anxiety and psychosis. Marijuana causes relaxing and calming emotions, as well as intoxication. Intoxication can impair your judgment and coordination, as well as cause negative emotions, like paranoia. THC is responsible for many of the mood-altering effects you experience when using marijuana. …

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Do I Need THC Addiction Treatment?

Marijuana is usually smoked or vaporized, with effects occurring within 10-15 minutes of inhalation. In small amounts, marijuana causes mild intoxication and feelings of relaxation. THC is the main chemical in marijuana that causes intoxication. Using and abusing marijuana can lead to dependency, which can cause you to wonder do I need THC addiction treatment? …

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The Relationship Between Opioid Addiction and Marijuana

Recent studies have investigated whether medical marijuana legalization could help curb opioid addiction and the associated opioid overdose epidemic plaguing our nation. The theory is that substituting medicinal marijuana for opioid pain relievers might help reduce opioid-related health consequences. On the other side of the argument, opponents believe marijuana used for recreational purposes may serve …

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Synthetic Marijuana and Seizures

In 2009, the harmful effects of a man-made drug with names such as Spice, K2, Kush, Bliss, Joker, Mr. Nice Guy and hundreds of others, started eliciting widespread health-related reports. Synthetic marijuana contains far more powerful chemicals than marijuana, with varying amounts of the pharmacological agent, depending on the lab and batch. In 2015, the …

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How Marijuana Use Affects Your Looks

Eyes: Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical responsible for the marijuana high, lowers blood pressure, impacting cells in the eyes. Blood vessels in the eyes expand in response to low blood pressure, a normal response to maintain proper vision. Dilated capillaries and open blood vessels increase blood flow, leading to bloodshot eyes. Redness is more visible against …

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