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Childhood Trauma and Addiction

Are you a person that experienced childhood trauma and now struggle with addiction? Perhaps you feel that no one understands, so you use drugs to escape the past. Promises Behavioral Health offers treatment for your addiction and treatment to heal from your childhood trauma and addiction in the same caring, safe environment.

Learn to understand the relationship between childhood trauma and addiction. Learn how to get your life on track, and to live the life that you want to live without coping with your trauma by turning to drugs. To do this, contact our experts at Promises Behavioral Health today by calling us today at 844.875.5609.

Studies Show Facts About Childhood Trauma and Addiction

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) explains that even before a child is born, if the child has parents with substance abuse issues, that child is more likely to experience later mental health issues and experience victimization. The child is more likely to experience violence in the home than children not born to parents who are substance abusers.

An article in the Chronicle of Social Change points out that studies of individuals with addiction issues reveal ‘extraordinarily high’ rates of childhood trauma. Similarly, other findings demonstrating the association between childhood trauma and addiction include:

  • Approximately one-third of people previously exposed to trauma report having PTSD
  • Up to 75 percent of individuals in substance abuse treatment programs report experiencing trauma and abuse
  • The higher the severity of childhood trauma increases the severity of alcohol abuse or other drug addiction
  • 75 percent of IV drug users report experiencing childhood trauma

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) published results of a study in which researchers found a high rate of PTSD and other mental health issues in adults that experienced trauma during childhood. They also found a ‘strong correlation’ between childhood trauma and addiction.

Understanding the Relationship Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reveals that by the age of 16, two-thirds of children report experiencing at least one traumatic event. Examples of these traumatic events include:

  • Witnessing or experiencing domestic violence
  • Experiencing neglect
  • Physical or psychological or sexual abuse
  • Commercial sexual exploitation
  • Physical or sexual assault

Other examples of childhood trauma that may contribute to addiction later in life include the sudden or violent loss of a parent or other loved one, experiencing school violence or community violence, and life-threatening illnesses or accidents.

The experienced team of professionals at Promises Behavioral Health understands the complex nature of addiction and trauma. With the help of our trauma-informed treatment program, we have the expertise to help you start your recovery. Drug rehab, alcohol rehab, or dual diagnosis treatment can help clients get their life back on track.

Get the Help That You Need for Childhood Trauma and Addiction Issues

Coping with the trauma that you experienced as a child does not have to continue taking you into the darkness of addiction. You can create the life that you always wanted by taking the first steps towards recovery. You do not have to feel that no one understands your trauma, PTSD, or the reasons you drink or use drugs. At Promises Behavioral Health, we provide a range of holistic and evidence-based therapy programs to help you heal. Our treatment programs include:

The Promises Behavioral Health staff are here for you. You do not have to feel shame, guilt, or fear anymore. Get the treatment you need to fully recover from addiction and trauma. Contact us at 844.875.5609, and get started on your new life today.

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