Image symbolizing trauma and alcohol abuse

The Connection Between Trauma and Alcohol Abuse

The intertwining of trauma and alcohol abuse is a complex and deeply rooted issue that affects many individuals. Understanding the characteristics of both can shed light on their connection and highlight the importance of seeking comprehensive behavioral health treatment. To learn more about dual diagnosis treatment in Tennessee, call us today at 844.875.5609. Traits of …

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Young woman engaged in equine therapy for trauma

How Does Equine Therapy Help Trauma Victims?

Equine therapy is an excellent option for trauma victims who have a hard time opening up about their experiences or who feel overwhelming anxiety or panic. Equine therapy provides a unique environment in which individuals are able to heal their invisible wounds in a way that is intuitive and fun. When some people first hear …

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Distressed man sitting in a dark room struggling with PTSD and survival mode

Trauma: How to Move Beyond Survival Mode

It can be incredibly difficult to move past trauma and survival mode because of the deep emotional pain, exhaustion, and fear that comes with it. It can feel like an almost impossible challenge to find the strength and stamina to break free from the gripping hold of trauma. Moving forward is possible, but it requires …

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Mother holding small child while wondering do babies remember trauma

Do Babies Remember Trauma?

Do babies remember trauma? Though there is no definitive answer to this question, research suggests that infants can remember traumatic events, leading to potentially severe future complications. For instance, childhood trauma may cause mental health issues later in life, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Fortunately, trauma and PTSD treatment can help individuals heal and live …

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woman in wheat field considers how to cope with complex ptsd

How to Cope with Complex PTSD

Complex PTSD occurs when a person has been exposed to long-term trauma, such as ongoing domestic violence, forced prostitution, being held hostage, or long-term childhood abuse. Most people who suffer from complex PTSD experience problems with regulating their emotions, memory problems, dissociation, difficulty trusting others, having stable relationships, and problems with self-perceptions of guilt, shame, …

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woman in yellow sweater dealing with the signs of repressed trauma

Signs of Repressed Trauma

Significant events, both positive and negative, can linger in a person’s memory. People handle negative memories in unique ways, but some ways are not always healthy. Trauma disorder treatment programs can help. Some people make the conscious choice to avoid thinking about negative things from the past. Sometimes, people unconsciously forget certain events, thereby forming …

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a man deals with the effects of untreated anger and trauma

The Connection Between Anger and Trauma

Victims of trauma experience severe violations of personal boundaries. Consequently, persistent anger and anger management problems are common characteristics of individuals who have experienced traumatic events. This is true for survivors of abuse as well as for survivors of other types of adverse incidents. If a loss occurs, anger as a stage of grieving is …

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woman comforting man in therapy for trauma and addiction

The Connection Between Trauma and Addiction

Trauma and addiction go hand-in-hand. That doesn’t mean that all people who experience a trauma will develop a substance or alcohol use disorder, but it does mean that experiencing trauma increases an individual’s risk of becoming addicted. It’s estimated by the National Center for PTSD that up to 75% of survivors of violence or abuse …

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hand holding hand for PTSD support

How to Support Someone Suffering from PTSD

Being the friend or partner of someone who is suffering from PTSD can be challenging. You want to help them, but their illness may cause you to feel like a stranger in your own home or force you to take on extra responsibilities you were not prepared for. The right PTSD treatment program can help …

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person experiencing grief and addiction

How Grief Can Lead to Addiction

Grieving is a natural process after the death of a loved one. Most people are able to cope with the pain and sadness. Others, however, choose to turn to drugs or alcohol for relief. Grief and addiction go hand-in-hand sometimes when the pain is too much to cope with, and they choose to hide from …

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