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Understanding Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that almost 25 million Americans by the age of 12 have used illicit drugs within the last month. Drugs and alcohol can change the way that the brain processes emotions and regulates someone’s mood. Continued abuse of drugs and alcohol leads to dependence. Once you have formed dependence, drug withdrawal symptoms occur after the substance is removed from the body. In many cases, withdrawal can even be dangerous. If you find yourself or a loved one going through withdrawal it is best to go to a medical drug detox center to safely break the drug dependency.

About Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

When it comes to drug withdrawal symptoms, someone who abused heroin experiences withdrawal 12 hours after their last dose. These drug withdrawal symptoms last up to a week after their previous use. On the contrary, someone who abused prescription drugs such as OxyContin or methadone may have symptoms from two to four weeks after stopping drug use. Cocaine users may feel withdrawal symptoms just hours after the last dose and withdrawal from one to 10 weeks after detox. Generally, one feels alcohol withdrawal symptoms in the last eight hours after someone’s last drink. Their peak withdrawal occurs 24-72 hours after it. Many withdrawals are experienced differently it is important to understand withdrawal and talk to an addiction counselor.

Signs of Drug Withdrawal

The severity and duration of these drug withdrawal symptoms depend on how long someone abused the substance, the type of substance abused, the method of abuse, the amount used each time, genetics, and certain medical factors.

Some signs of drug withdrawal include: muscle aches, headaches, nausea, vomiting, agitation, insomnia, anxiety, sweating, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, dilated pupils, panic attacks, short-term memory loss, tremors, seizures and more. One must never detox on their own as professional help is necessary to safely withdraw from any substance.

Detox Safely

Addiction is a disease. Thus, withdrawal from any substance should be done in a medical detox facility. Medical professionals ensure that each individual is safe and as comfortable as possible while going through detox. They monitor drug withdrawal symptoms as the process goes on. Sometimes medications may be used during detox to help patients.

About an Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy Program for Recovery

After someone completes detox, they begin different therapy programs to help them deal with their recovery. An equine-assisted psychotherapy program allows animals to help individuals deal with addiction treatment and mental illness. We use horses in this animal-assisted therapy. They help individuals to understand their emotional state better. This is because horses generally mirror the feelings of the person interacting with them. This instant feedback allows a therapist to learn how behavior impacts people. It also helps to teach them how to improve this relationship in real-time.

During equine-assisted therapy, patients will groom, care for, and walk with horses. This allows them to develop a trusting relationship in which they can grow over time. As they work with these animals, a therapist uses guided imagery to help them to understand life lessons with horses and how they can apply them to their own lives. This can teach boundaries, trust, self-awareness, and focus, among other important life lessons. An equine-assisted psychotherapy program can help individuals who suffer from addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, or even ADHD.

Call to Learn More About How to Minimize Drug Withdrawal Symptoms Today

If you’re interested in learning more about safe detox from drugs or alcohol, call Promises Behavioral Health today. Promises Behavioral Health provides many substance abuse recovery programs in a variety of locations. We offer programs in prolonged exposure therapy, dual diagnosis programs, and an equine-assisted therapy program that helps many people with recovery. You cannot recover from substance abuse without professional help. You should never go at drug withdrawal symptoms alone. Call us at 844.875.5609 today to find out how our recovery programs can help you today.

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