Your Guide to Relapse Prevention

Once you take that first step in quitting drugs or alcohol, you probably feel fantastic. The very act of moving forward in your own journey to sobriety is liberating and healing. Maybe you’ve completed a drug or alcohol detox program, and you are feeling inspired about the future. However, before you jump into life and begin making a lot of plans, it’s important to have a guide to relapse prevention. Relapse is a common occurrence with people who are just coming out of a drug or alcohol treatment program and don’t have a prevention plan in place. Therefore, by putting a plan in place to prevent relapsing, you will have a happier, more successful future. 

Why You Need Relapse Prevention

Relapse is not a sign of weakness or failure, but it may be a sign you weren’t prepared for the things you may have to face. What are some of the things that may lead to relapse? For one thing, some people are still very closely connected with people who are using drugs or alcohol. Consequently, they get put in situations that can be triggering for anyone, especially someone who is just starting on the journey of sobriety Additionally, you need help with relapse prevention because of cravings that your body may still experience for weeks, months, or even years after you quit. Most of your cravings will diminish greatly after a sustained period of not using, but you could get a mild craving from time to time. Therefore, it’s helpful to have your guide to relapse prevention handy.  

Guide to Relapse Prevention

In order to be successful in your journey to healthy living, you need a plan to fall back on. Here are tips to serve as your guide to relapse prevention: 

  • Avoid people and places that are associated with drugs and alcohol, if practical or feasible
  • Don’t participate in parties or gatherings where there will be drugs or drinking. This just puts you in the middle of a tempting situation
  • If you experience physical cravings use a substitute to fulfill the desire, like chewing gum
  • Practice positive self-care methods to keep refreshed and revitalized
  • Be careful not to allow stress to pile up
  • Participate in rehab aftercare programs to gain strength

Finding Help at Promises Treatment Center

Welcome to Promises Treatment Center where you are never alone. We are always right there beside you on your journey to get better. We are rooting for your healing, and we have tools to give you the guide to relapse prevention.  At our facility, you will find a caring team of workers who are equipped to ensuring you have a healthy future. As a result, we offer many therapy and treatment plans that are helpful for those who’ve been through detox. Some therapies we provide include: 

Don’t let drugs ruin your life. Now that you have your guide to relapse prevention, you can be successful in life. Overcome your problems by participating in a quality rehab program. Contact us at 844.875.5609, and we’ll get you on the road to recovery and other relapse prevention tips. 

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