Group Therapy Activities

The group therapy activities at Promises P.A.T.H gives you support from those who have similar experiences to yours. If you feel isolated or ashamed of your addiction, group therapy can empower you to get back on your feet and keep going. You can achieve a positive self-image while encouraging others around you. In some ways, group therapy activities can be more beneficial than meeting one-on-one with your counselor. Our Texas residential treatment center offers group therapy as a part of our recovery program. Your therapist will lead your group and provide insights as you learn and grow together.

Types of Group Therapy

When you join a group therapy activities in Austin TX, you will be exposed to a variety of group treatment strategies such as:

  • Educational and resource groups where you learn about addiction
  • Activities that promote mindfulness and skill-building
  • Self-moderated 12 step support groups
  • Cognitive-behavioral groups when you learn how to avoid negative thinking
  • Psychotherapy where you learn about what led to your addiction

With your therapist leading the way, your group will take part in these and other strategies that reinforce your recovery.

Why Our Group Therapy Activities are Effective

The group therapy activities at Promises P.A.T.H has been a core element in the success of addiction recovery for several decades. There are several reasons why participating in group therapy can help you overcome your addiction, such as:

Full Support from Your Peers

The other members of the group will be there to encourage you when you face challenges and congratulate you when you meet your goals. The group will eventually become the people who understand you and teach you the most. You will identify with people in the group as your peers, mentors, and friends.

You Can be an Encourager

When you first enter the group, you may ask a lot and take a lot. However, as you grow, you will start giving a lot. You will become a mentor and encourager. Others will look to you for insight from what you have learned. Sharing is as therapeutic as taking.

Group Settings Are Perfect for Skill-Building

You may think of group therapy as people sitting in a circle of chairs. While that does occur, group therapy also includes experiential therapy and holistic activities. It is a more hands-on approach to recovering from addiction. You will learn a lot by participating in skill-building activities.

Group Therapy Keeps You Accountable

A support group can provide accountability and guidance when you have cravings. They can also challenge your negative thoughts or beliefs. When you share your thoughts with the group, they can provide feedback and answers that you are looking for.

What to Expect from Group Therapy Activities

Groups typically consist of three to twelve members with a therapist leading the discussion. Your group may meet two to three times per week. Most groups are structured with a specific topic or thought that the therapist wants to cover. New members can join any time, depending on where they are in their treatment. Once you complete a group therapy program in Austin TX, you can continue your recovery in a 12 step program such as an alcoholics anonymous program or narcotics anonymous. A support group offers continued therapy as a part of your relapse prevention plan.

Start Your Treatment at Promises P.A.T.H

Are you ready to take the next step toward recovery from addiction? Promises P.A.T.H is here to help you every step of the way. We offer group therapy activities as a part of our Texas residential treatment center. To find out more about your treatment options, call us at 844.875.5609.

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