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The Role of Opiate Detox Centers in Addiction Recovery

The Role of Opiate Detox Centers in Addiction Recovery

Because there are complex factors that contribute to opiate addiction, it is difficult to recover from addiction without professional help. That is why opiate detox centers play such an important role in addiction recovery. Opiate detox centers do not only address the challenges associated with drug withdrawal. They also help the patient to deal with the factors that led them to become addicted to the drug initially.

The goal of opiate detox centers is to give opiate-addicted patients a fresh start. Using tools that can be used to create an addiction-free life. Often, the patient lacks the coping skills needed to deal with life’s challenges in a drug-free way and needs help with recognizing and dealing with the triggering issues and emotions that arise in work settings, in relationships, and in other common life situations. Opiate detox centers are designed to address all of these issues and help the patient build a new foundation of strength and personal empowerment.

Choosing the Best Option

A comprehensive opiate detox center will offer a variety of treatment programs from which a patient can choose to address his or her own individual addiction. Every patient is a unique person with a unique type of addiction, a unique body chemistry, and a unique set of life circumstances. One person may find narcotics detox centers to be more helpful, while another may be dealing with benzodiazepine addiction. Narcotics detox centers deal with addictions to drugs like heroin and prescription pain medications like vicodin, oxycontin, morphine, and codeine. Opiate detox centers usually offer more than one type of addiction treatment program to address individual needs.

Medical Drug Detox Centers

Since the detoxification process from drug and alcohol addiction can be complex and even dangerous, many opiate detox centers offer medical drug detox centers as part of their addiction program choices. Medical drug detox centers address the fact that addiction changes a person’s body and brain in significant ways. This makes it more difficult to detox from a given drug, and withdrawal symptoms often occur. These symptoms are distressing, but even more than that, with some patients they can actually be life-threatening. Older patients or those who have various comorbidities like diabetes or heart disease are at greater risk of developing lethal complications during withdrawal.

That’s why medical drug detox centers offer professional medical supervision during the detox period. Personnel in these centers are aware of the potential complications of detoxification and know how to prevent them from worsening. Keeping patients hydrated, encouraging increased carbohydrate intake, and giving appropriate medications during the detox process can make it safer and less painful for the withdrawing patient. If need be, the personnel at a medical drug detox center can also transfer a patient to a hospital for more intensive medical treatment.

Making a Plan for Recovery

After the patient completes the detox process, it’s time to begin a new life. While this is exciting and wonderful, it’s also very challenging. Experiencing detox is a strong starting point motivation for creating this new life. But the patient will need to look for motivating factors again. A crucial part of the plan will be to greet these old habits with a more empowering point of view. A good opiate detox center will offer continuing evidence-based treatment that involves the patients’ interactions with family and the community.

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